So, like most people, I tried to save money by having my dress made by a cheaper place. I've seen their work and I tried on the dresses. They looked good.

I had my dress custom made by this place and I gave specific details and instructions. Which the tailor didn't seem to comprehend at all.

Now I'm scrambling to find an affordable alteration place who can fix the dress that she made. 

I told her to make the skirt with tulle fabric (NO PLEATS) so it's light but poofy. she added 8 huge pleats and it made the dress super heavy. She only used two layers of tulle.

She said the mesh would be transparent. It's too white.... I thought it would be more nude.

The zipper was made from a cheap material too (didn't even know she would add a zipper at the back... ugh)

the sleeves was supposed to be 'off-the-shoulders'. clearly, it's not the look that was achieved on this dress.

I know that I should've gone to a different store or bought it pre-made etc. (lesson learned)

With all the wedding stressed right now, all I need is someone who can help me fix this dress. Can anyone plleaaase recommend someone/places?

Aside from other stuff, this is driving me nuts. T.T

Thank you.


A stressed out bride



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    Sophie's Gown Shoppe has 4 locations in Ontario that sell clearance gowns. They are standard bridal shop that will sell the sample gowns.

    Sorry you are so unhappy with your dress.
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    So, basically, you ordered a custom made dress without understanding anything about fabric? 

    She should have used an invisible zipper with the illusion fabric. You would have to have the entire bodice redone. The tulle would have to be taken out by hand, and you will have to have a petticoat made for a lighter skirt. You need the pleats in order for the fabric to sit properly. However, you should have chosen a lighter fabric for the skirt. Your dress needs about $500 worth of work done. 
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