HELP Affordable Outdoor Venues

We are inviting 200 people to our wedding in Spring 2018 and we are looking for an outdoor ceremony indoor reception venue. We absolutely fell in love with Little Gardens but it is a little too expensive for us. We have gone through just about every venue on this site and toured dozens. If you have any recommendations, maybe lesser known, PLEASE help me. We are paying for our wedding ourselves so I don't want it to cost an arm and a leg but I can't cut down our guest list without removing close family... Any other ideas to cut cost?

On a side note, we really liked Vercoma at Yellow River but had some concerns. If anyone has gotten married there I would love to talk about it. 
Olivia Rowland

Re: HELP Affordable Outdoor Venues

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    Oh god bless I'm not the only one who's having this struggle.... 
    I'm from Chicago and my fiancé is from New York and finding something we love that DOESN"T cost a n arm and a leg has been a more difficult process than we could have imagined. We've looked everywhere online it feels like and I just dont love anything! 

    Other than sharing sympathy, my brother did get married at Vecoma about five years ago and it was a really nice ceremony and venue!! They were on a very tight budget and paid for everything themselves. Even knowing that, it was still really nice! Hope that helps a little. :)
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