yes or no on these shoes to dress

i have this dress but in the color black 

i found these shoes 

do they go together or would it be to much? i am wearing the dress for a wedding and i am accessorizing the dress with lots silver sparkle silver earrings and a nice chunky silver sparkly bracelet. 

shoe comes in silver gold and black would  gold is out as it does not go but would the black with the black dress be to much or would the silver shoe work better. 

Re: yes or no on these shoes to dress

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    Can't see the dress from the link you posted. The shoes are gorgeous.
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    Comfort over style EVERY time when it comes to shoes!!!  If they aren't comfortable on your feet, it doesn't matter how great of a style they are...  Try them on first!

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    I think both the black and the silver go with the dress just fine! :) But if you want my personal opinion, the silver is nicer and will match the broach on the dress as well as your jewelry.
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