Are these favors appropriate?

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I would really like to host my guests well and give them favors that are nice and useful to them. I also want to make sure the gifts aren't cheesey.

Our wedding is very nature centered, so we are trying to get gifts that go in line with that ideal.

Gift #1 

Herb Plants - Newly started, but bigger than a seedling, put in 3 inch peat cups with decorative wrap and name of herb on it.

They would be place holders for the tables as well, with a heart shaped marker with the guest's name stuck in the pot.

Gift #2

Honey from the local honey bee farm, distributed in 4 ounce sealed jelly jars.

We are also serving this honey as part of our cheese platter during cocktail hour.

Gift #3

Homemade cookies - triple ginger, chocolate chip, and lime butter - always a big hit at parties

Would these three things combined be a suitable gift for my guests? I know not everyone will necessarily want every gift, but I was hoping it was a good enough variation to please everyone.

I will also be serving the homemade cookies as a dessert option, so I don't know if it would make a bad takeaway gift given that fact.

Additionally, I'm not sure if I should give everyone the same herb plant or do a mix and match, which would allow others to possible trade if they didn't like their plant.


Thank you!

Re: Are these favors appropriate?

  • A favour is never required, but often a nice treat. I personally think that you only need to do a single favour per person.

    #1 - most of us will discourage anything that isn't edible. Also, if any of your guests are traveling over a border, the plant won't be able to come. I don't garden so this would end up dead within a matter of weeks (if not days).

    #2 - I think that this sounds like the perfect favour. If you can put it into a container that is less than 100mL, those flying (if that applies to any of your guests) can put in carry on luggage.

    #3 - Unless the cookies last a long time and therefore could be made weeks in advance, I wouldn't want to be baking up a storm a day or two prior to my wedding (this would apply to your favors and dessert). Although this is edible, I would still go for the honey.

    **If you are adamant about bringing homemade treats to your wedding for guests to consume at the venue, ensure that your venue allows that as well as any caterer/baker. Some venues and caterers/bakers have exclusivity clauses that prohibits non-vendor goods.

  • Go with only honey.

    My living situation doesn't allow for a garden, even a window sill thing and truthfully i don't consider anything that's actually a chore that i have to take care of as an appropriate gift.  And the cookies are already dessert and i would strongly urge you to really sit and reevaluate the amount of time you're going to have for a project like that to do as homemade since they will need to be fresh and unbroken.  
  • I vote honey. But before I go to Google, anyone know offhand if it's considered "food" or "liquid gel" by the TSA?  If it was a small jar I'd find a way to stuff it in my liquids pouch. 
    This is a moot point though if OP doesn't have guests that require plane trips. Even so, if it's just a few people, they can choose to leave it. 

  • One vote here for #1. I was at a wedding recently that gave out mini sucullent plants as a favor and they were a HIT.

    Sorry, I'm not super interested in edible favors. Honey is better than a cookie or candy or something, but I still would be pretty unlikely to take this. I would definitely take an herb plant though!
  • I actually love all these ideas, but #1 might be a know your crowd kinda thing. 

    I think honey would be the best option if you can only do one. 
  • #1 is such a know your crowd thing (and also depends on the season of your wedding) so I'd skip it.

    #2 is great but question - do you have a lot of guests flying in? If so, you might want to check to make sure they can go through the airport security (I can't remember the oz limitations with TSA...)

    #3 is fine, but I probably would be a bit leary of homemade cookies especially in the quantity you'll need for a wedding. I'm sure you're a lovely and hygienic baker, but I'd still probably decline just in case. If you want cookies, I'd get them from a bakery.
  • Just doubled checked and TSA is 100mL which I believe is 3oz. Honey is liquid so would have to be checked or fit into the size regulations.
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    Just a gentle reminder that favors are not required, and I've ended up tossing every favor I've ever received (rubik's cube with couple's name/date, beer koozie with couple's name/date, key-shaped bottle opener, wine cork keyring). 

    Pittsburgh weddings traditionally have a baker/family cookie table, and people don't have to take any if they don't want any, so I find them to be a nice traditional "favor" (although, it would be noticed if I didn't provide cookies). Otherwise, honey seems like a fine option, if you wouldn't rather spend the $3-500 on something for the guest's enjoyment/comfort during the wedding itself.

    k thnx bye

  • Thank you for all the wonderful replies and opinions! It is much appreciated. I will more than likely go with only honey and perhaps the cookies. Although I think many of my guests would love the herb plant, you have certainly pointed out that I don't need to go over the top with my favors. So, in that case, honey should be a great favor my guests will love!

    As for the worry about sanitation and time taking to prepare the cookies, this is not a problem. None of my guests are germaphobes, I'm a clean cook, and all of my friends and family love indulging in my cookies. I don't have a huge wedding, so cooking a few batches of cookies for them is no problem at all. My venue has also given the green light on bringing them.

    I actually find baking really relaxing and it will be nice knowing that I'm preparing them for my guests to enjoy.

    Thank you for all the great points! I may consider doing two 2oz honey pots (different flavors) so that TSA won't trouble anyone.
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    I'm glad for your decision - as a beekeeper myself, I'm always in favor of supporting local honey!
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    I think they all sound great, but it is a know your crowd thing.

    I don't have access to a garden, so the herb plant, while cool in theory, wouldn't work out as I'd have no where to keep it in my house that my cat wouldn't eat it.

    I like the honey and cookies best.

    As for the cookies, since you are serving them as part of your wedding dessert anyway, you could bake extra and have the cookies out on a table with some baggies and ties. Those who want to take some home can.

    We did the above with our candy bar. It was open all reception, but there were bags and ties for any guests who wanted to take some for later. It was gone at the end of the night.
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