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I am wondering about venues in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that have room to accommodate 200-250 guests for both a ceremony and reception, and are not very expensive. 

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    A lot really depends on what you consider "Not very expensive" because it's incredibly subjective.  Most places aren't expensive if you do morning/mid-day during non-peak season for a Sam's Club Cake & Punch reception...

    Check the ski areas - they rent out as reception sites in the summer and can handle a group of that size.  KC Hall in Hastings...  Stillwater Boat & Packet, or Afton Cruise Lines are another idea...  Many area hotels have space available... The Mermaid was affordable for an annual banquet for an organization DH is involved in..   Hudson House in Hudson is always great and has great food...  Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove...  The Apple Orchards might be a possibility though I'm not sure what size they can accommodate...  The American Legion in Montgomery...  We've had good luck with the Best Western MOA for a sport I'm involved in as a relatively affordable venue...  Little Log House Pioneer Village - GORGEOUS venue/reception site.. 

    A lot really depends on how much you want to spend.  Remember not to be penny wise and pound foolish, sometimes a venue that is "All Inclusive" is the financially smart way to go because you don't have 30 vendors and nickels and dimes added on (Linen service, china, cake cutting/serving, etc.)

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    I would prefer to stay under $2,000 for rental fees. Also, my wedding is in March so ski areas are not an option as they are still operating for ski season, and I would need an indoor location.
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    Many of the all-inclusive locations don't charge a rental but instead have a food/beverage minimum or will waive it with a certain number of hotel rooms booked.  Where they make up the difference is there are no nickels and dimes..

    Check the Mermaid out...  Emerald Greens Golf Course - Hastings...  Lake Elmo Inn...  Hudson House...  Best Western MOA...  Hilton MOA...  Little Log House Pioneer Village..  Shoreview Community Center (had a friend's memorial service here - unexpectedly nice venue!)...  The further from the metro you go the more money you'll save, but you'll be further from the metro during the statistical snowiest month of the year...

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    Thanks, we are going with the Minneapolis Golf Club!
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