Small wedding, all -inclusive, help!

Apparently I am looking for what seems to be a needle in a hay stack! Are there any venues that are all-inclusive in the Columbus or surrounding areas? My fiance and I are not into the traditional wedding ideas of church, limos, hotel reception halls, etc. Our guest list consists of 36 - all immediate family and their families and 8 close friends. We're looking for quaint, semi-casual, and no frills. Any ideas? We checked into Hocking Hills, but the wedding chapel package there was over 7 grand and didn't include any kind of alcohol option. We already have a photographer and someone to make the cake if needed. We are quite content on buying our own alcohol and providing our own music if need be. We want decorations kept to a minimum hoping that the venue we choose has enough character that we won't need it. Yeah...after writing this it seems maybe we are asking a lot for even minimal features. If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it because I am officially out of my own.  

Re: Small wedding, all -inclusive, help!

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    I don't think all-inclusive is the word, per se.  I think you need a smaller place, that will take care of your intimate group, and allow a celebration and a party within your vision and budget.  You have the people, photo, (cake) ... maybe some music.  You need an officiant, location (with some sort of tables and chairs), food and drink, and possibly some sort of flowers or decor.  

    Check the post about "barn" weddings, as many of these places are (possibly) a little more casual / smaller.  

    Also, any restaurant that has a private room, might be something to consider.  You could set a budget, order off the menu - food drink decor - done.  

    Also, off-site caterers, such as A Catered Event or Berwick or Metro Cuisine would be a wealth of helpful info, because they go everywhere for every size party ... and likely know a perfect spot.  If you share with them WHAT you still need, along with budget ideas, I think you would find them super helpful.  Good Luck!  :-)

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    Hi! I'm also planning a wedding in Columbus and trying to find my venue (ugh!). My wedding will be somewhere between 50-70 people, so I'm also struggling with finding a venue that isn't going to have tons of extra space.

    Anyways, I've found there are several golf clubs around the area, and they all seem to include a venue space, food, and some include alcohol. A lot of the ones I've looked at normally have a large ballroom-type space, some outdoor space, and sometimes 1 or 2 smaller rooms. This one place, Tartan Fields Golf Club, is up near Dublin (about 30 mins from Columbus), and I think their minimum food cost is like $4000. 

    From my own searches, I've found that many places with these package deals tend to be pretty pricey. Even if the per-person price isn't too bad, then later they tell you they have some crazy high minimum cost you'd need to spend anyway. Have you considered just getting food separate from the venue? 

    Here's just a quick list of some places that I believe have smaller spaces:
    -Castle Inn, in Circleville. Looks like a castle, and I believe they have package deals.
    -Franklin Park Conservatory (the Bridal Garden is smaller, and very pretty). You have to pick from a list of their approved caterers.
    -North Bank Park. Rent from the city parks and rec, so you have to figure out your own catering and decorations
    -Grigg's Boathouse. Rent from city parks and rec, same as above.
    -Kelton House & Gardens. I think you have to get your own food and drinks for this place.
    -Worthington Inn. Not sure about the size here, but it doesn't look huge. I think they have package deals?
    -OSU Faculty Club. Again, I don't know how large the space is, but it might work, and I think they have their own food.
    -The Beverly Mansion? I don't really know anything at all about this venue, but it looks like they have a smallish indoor space and a lot of outdoor space.

    And as donethat said, you can look into barns (I know there are several barn-type venues around here), I haven't looked at any barn venues so I don't know anything about them personally. Hope this helps!
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