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Our budget is $2000 for ceremony and reception for 80 guests.  We've wanted something as simple like street tacos and yard games for a rustic back yard feel to it.  I've tried contacting numerous places locally and they start at $3500 or they're WAY out of our budget.  :-/  Can anyone help?  We literally don't need fancy or over the top anything.  I'm looking for an outside, able to socialize and have fun location. Literally like a backyard BBQ.  I found a place but in Boulder City, NV that fits our budget and food.  I REALLY don't want to have to make all my guests travel and get a room and what not.  I'm really wanting to stay local.

Re: In search of venue

  • You may want to post this on your local board for specific venues in your area.

    In terms of budget, you may find it hard to have a traditional meal reception for 80 guests that includes rental of a facility. Keep in mind that if you are planning on outside, you should budget for tents or a back up location in case weather gets in the way.

    Have you considered a cake and punch reception at a local hall? This may be doable on the budget you have with the amount of guests you are wanting to include and halls sometimes have outside spaces that could also be utilized.

    Another option is to really look at your guest list and determine if your guest list is too big for your budget.

  • Considering you're going to pay someone to officiate at least $350+, $200 flower budget (bouquet for you, bout for FI, corsage for your Moms and bouts for your Dads)... That leaves you a maximum of $18/pp after tax and gratuity to work with.  Given Nevada - have you considered booking out a building at the local County Fairgrounds?  You never know, there might be a small local golf course you could book out.  If you're wanting to do food, you've got to take the expectation down a notch - at this point you're at Subway or KFC in that area.  Otherwise, what about a cake & punch reception during a non-meal time?  I'm not saying it can't be done for that many, it's just knowing the Vegas area and all things mark-ups you've got to really think outside the standard norm. 

  • Look into parks with covered pavilions and decent bathrooms.  My mom's family does a huge family reunion (100+people) every 2 years, and it's normally at something like that.  We eat and drink all day and play bocci and baseball.  Or maybe a local school or college or church/VWF/ect hall might have something similar to what you're looking for.
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