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Nevada-Las Vegas

Ceremony and Recpetion Timing Question. First time post ;)

Hello all Vegas  brides. I have been reading posts on this sight since we decided to get married in Las Vegas a few months ago. I love seeing all the reviews and photos. We have been engaged since June 2015 but together almost TEN years! I originally chose Vegas thinking it would be easy and less stressful.... After changing plans several times we have decided to marry at a chapel and have dinner/drinks reception at a restaurant afterward.

We are getting married at Little Church of the West at 4:30PM Saturday Oct. 1, 2016. The reception will be short and plan to be over and back to hotel around 5:30. We are all staying at Mandalay Bay which is across the street.

I am planning on a dinner reception 7:00 - 7:30 PM. Still have note finalized the location but have a few options. Most options have private rooms for 2 hours.

Is 2 hours too long of a break between reception and ceremony? I plan on having a party bus to pick up all the guests at Mandalay Bay and take to and from dinner. Just trying to work out details of timing and coordinating for the guests.

Do Vegas brides have any suggestions on activities for after dinner?

Re: Ceremony and Recpetion Timing Question. First time post ;)

  • KarmenKKarmenK member
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    2 hours is a bit of a gap, but you could recommend people go to like a bar at mandalay bay to get a couple drinks and mingle before the party bus comes.. people can also go back to their rooms and maybe change to get ready for the dinner? it's vegas, they will find something to do if they get bored i'm sure! there is always the casino :)
  • I think 2 hours is a hard amount of time for guests to reasonably fill on their own.  It's not long enough for them to actually do a different activity, they'll instead be basically killing time. Now yes, Vegas is a great place for time wasting, but when you add in having to keep track of time so they don't miss the bus, I think it'll be pretty uncomfortable/awkward.  About how many guests are you anticipating? That may effect how much wrangling of the group will be required.

    Why not have the reception at Mandalay Bay, and keep any gap to a minimum? I think having a hosted cocktail hour at one of the bars is a great suggestion to otherwise fill an hour or so. Border Grill is at Mandalay Bay, and I know they will work with large groups.

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