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I plan on ordering from the wedding collection,  and was wondering if these come tied ? Or do I have to do that ?

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  • The centerpieces I ordered came tied with floral tape but if it shows a wrap I believe there's a wrap (the how-to images show the ribbon wraps on the bouquets)around them (which you'll want to do the AM of the wedding).  The one thing I learned with the centerpieces I ordered was it was wider around than I expected so needed a wider rim vase (at the last second when I had zero time to run to the store that was fun!)... 

    - Purchase some good stem cutters from the gardening department as the one that is included in the box while it'll get the job done is sort of junky.. 

    - Use storage containers to put the water in for the rehydrating - they're cheap and can be reused as well as not too tall for the arrangements. 

    -I had the flowers delivered on Thursday (just in case of a travel delay) then stored them in my basement (which is cooler than the rest of the house) before transporting them down to the reception site for my parent's anniversary (5 hours away)...  They were still beautiful.  And while there were probably four blooms out of the centerpieces that were a bit over the hill by the time dinner was over, they overall were absolutely lovely... 

  • Thank you very much!

    They are shown wrapped, so I will just assume that is exactly how they will come. I will for sure pick up some clippers! That's a great tip!

    I have 3 five gallon buckets to place them in. I ordered the 17 pc set, so I'm hoping that's enough space. I'll have to check their website and see if there is any special care for the bouts, or if they just need to be refrigerated.

    Again, thanks a ton!

  • I'd still get some of the sterilite (sp?) containers at Walmart - it's going to take up more space than you realize for each of the bouquets...  And a lot more water in the 5-gallon buckets (which dilutes the preservative a bit more than necessary), which means heavier to move.  You'd be better off with 2-gallon buckets if you're going the bucket route because the bouquets aren't that tall.  There'll be the initial chop a couple inches off the base, then the final chop the base off to the right height for your BM's/you to carry... 
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