Buying/Supplying your own alcohol for your reception

Hello!!!  I hope this is the right board (Columbus, OH), but has anyone went out and purchased their own alcohol (not as a bar service package)?  I will have about 135 guests and they are a combination of beer, liquor, and wine drinkers.  I would love any and all suggestions from experience on what and how much to get and how much you spent!!! Thank you!!!

Re: Buying/Supplying your own alcohol for your reception

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    Here are a couple sources to help you out.  Things to consider when planning:
    1)  If you buy too much, will the shop take back unopened bottles (wine, etc...) 
    2)  If you run out, will a responsible sober person (friend or hired help) get more during the reception, or will you just stay with what you originally buy?

    Some places, like Amelita Mirolo Barn, let you bring your own, but require you hire an approved caterer with a license to "serve".  If that's the case for you, make sure you ask them for help and advise in your planning and purchasing.  

    Check these out:  

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    Also, not too many people post to this board, so for help "in general" about supplying your own bar, you might want to post to the reception board.  GL!

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