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wedding dress distress

so i am so lost in finding a wedding dress, i cant seem to pick a style at all. it seems like i am leaning towards kenneth pool dresses but its still not what i want, anybody have any ideas of designers that look similar to kenneth pool?

Re: wedding dress distress

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    hey I'm not really familiar with Kenneth Pool, my just from my experiencing shopping for wedding dresses I would say don't limit yourself to just one designer...all designers have some dresses that are similar and u should just try on as many dresses as you can.  The dress I picked out I never thought I would love and I did...there are so many designers out there and so many dresses, try not to get overwhelm and just enjoy the experience and when u find the perfect dress you will definitely know it!!!! Goodluck!!
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    You have a really long time until your wedding - 18 months.  You don't NEED to buy a wedding dress until you're about 9 months out.  In the meantime, look at bridal magazines, on the internet, but avoid stores.  Find pictures of things you like, so when you ARE ready to shop, you'll have an idea of things you like.  You'll find it!

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    I agree with all the comments here but I'd add that you should make an appointment at Kleinfeld -- they are experts at finding the right dress and will work with you until you do.  You are obligated to buy anything on the first visit, but I do encourage you to go and try on a variety of styles that meet your budget and body type.

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    thanks! so far ive actually been to klienfelds and they were amazing but my budget is on the low end for their couture. about 1500. thanks for all the advice though and now im drowning in a sea of wedding dress pictures
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