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I am looking for table, chair, arch, and general decoration rentals in Madison. Does anybody have any recommendations? When doing a web search I am not finding much local variety. It is not going to be a huge wedding, only about 60 - 70 people, and it will be outdoors, with an indoor space adjacent, the ceremony and reception are at the same location. 
If anybody has any experience with any companies let me know, it is hard for me to go and visit any rental places since I currently live out of state.


Re: Madison Rentals

  • Not sure what sort of "vibe" you are going for, but A La Crate Vintage Rentals in Madison is who I am using for some things. I also looked in to Event Essentials out of Madison, but they didnt have what I was looking for exactly, so I didnt use them.  

    Both places show most, if not all, of their inventory online with prices, so it's really easy to estimate how much it's going to cost you. 
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