Wedding Woes



Re: Monday

  • Found out this weekend that DH won't be home until after June 30th since that's when his contract expires :( That would have been nice to know, ya know, when he started the job. Oh well. Looks like I'll be heading to Indie for Memorial Day weekend since he won't be home for a few more weeks.

    Other than that, nothing new here. I discovered a show on Netflix that I am now absolutely addicted to... The Killing. I watched the entire first season this weekend and a few episodes in the 2nd season. I was absolutely useless.

    As in Indianapolis? :D 
    Not the best weekend to be coming into town if you aren't going to the race. I'm assuming though the your H has an apartment or extended hotel lease. Hope you have a great visit @thefanciestbeckler
    @ILoveBeachMusic He does already have an extended hotel lease :) Thanks for looking out!

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