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Wedding Dresses on a Budget?

I am wondering if anyone knows of any good places to get a wedding dress for under $1,000 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? I have already looked at Bride to Be Consignment. Are there other bridal consignment shops around? Or stores with reasonable prices? My wedding is March 2017.

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    If you venture over to the attire boards, there are some great threads with tips about how to shop for a dress on a budget.  The first is you want to spend $1000, great, but - have you taken out for the cost of a long-line bra ($70), crinoline ($80), shoes ($15-80), veil (one of the few times DIY and online is the most economical way to go - for <$20 you can make or purchase a veil with the pattern), headpiece/tiara (from $2 online up to $180 in the bridal shop), alterations (can eEASILY double the cost of the dress)...  So plan that your budget is closer to the $500-600 mark because it's easier to go under budget than it is to go over!

    David's Bridal - The Oakdale location has pretty good CS if you go during the day during the week.  They have their gown sales going on all the time. 

    As for shops, there are tons of bridal shops here in the cities - call and ask.  The key factor is going to be when you go.  During the day, during the week is going to be the time when the shops are quietest and you'll get the most personalized attention.  Most of all, remember this is a BUSINESS transaction, not an emotional one, and some shops are better than others when it comes to using emotional sales tactics to get you to "Purchase today or you won't have a dress in time!"..  Unless this is the week of your wedding, you've got time, shop at your pace.  DO NOT try dresses on that are over your budget for everything!!!  That's a sure-fire way to find a dress you love but can't afford and nothing else will ever compare because you've become emotionally attached to that particular dress.   

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