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What day is it?

Cheers from the airport!  Headed to see my little nugget (niece) for her first birthday).  Super excited for a weekend on the beach.

Hope everyone and their pups are feeling better and have a great holiday weekend!

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Re: What day is it?

  • That looks delicious (and yes I realize it's 8:00 am EST)! Have a fantastic trip. 
  • Today is my friday and tomorrow I will be doing the exact same thing @kimmiinthemitten is doing today!

    The dog is fine! You seriously would have thought he was dying yesterday, I only saw him pee once the entire day around 5:15pm. He refused to drink water. The vet gave him an anti-nausea shot and some gentle stomach canned food. Today he is feeling better, still not 100% but able to walk. Tomorrow will be the most stressful 4 hours of his life but then "grandpa" is taking him to the farm for the weekend. He will be so happy, he will forget all about it.

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    One dose of meds and I was good last night.  I hadn't taken anything this morning and I was starting to get the welts back.  Meds in, welts gone.  A friend has the same thing, except it took 7 months to diagnose.  2 weeks seemed like forever I can't IMAGINE 7 months.

    Today they're burying our downspouts to get ready for landscaping and working on the laundry room. Yay!
  • My sister and her H just got back from Hawaii and they said it was the most amazing trip ever! They stayed on Maui the whole but said it was phenomenal. Super jealous @mrs.conn23 
  • Yeah, I don't get the pre-K/K grad hate, either.  I don't expect you to give my kid gifts, I don't throw them a party, but the little ceremony at school is ridiculously adorable and tear-inducing.  (After last year's performance of Shake It Off, it was weeks before I could hear it without tearing up, LOL.)

    So glad it's Thursday.  It's been a long week.  One more night of swim practice this week.  DS had a great time at the pool last night.  He's been down the smaller whale slide, but last night he worked up the courage to try the pelican slide.  He was SO proud of himself, he went on it at least a dozen times in a row.  And he said "Mommy catch me!" every time, even though after the first couple of times I just stood there--it was like Dumbo and the feather, he only thought he needed me to "catch" him. 

    Every spring, I think I was wrong, and that spring is my favorite season, not summer.  I love spring.  But then summer arrives and it is glorious.  DH and I were just going over summer plans:  Wooz's camps, the beach, swim meets, playing in the pool, fireworks, pool parties, three birthdays and an anniversary (10 years, this year!), and basically everything awesome.  It's tiring, but wonderful.

    The house needs attention this weekend.  It looks exactly like we've been rolling in just in time to get everyone ready for bed, prepping for the next day, and going to bed ourselves.  With good reason.
  • Thursdaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    The end is in sight, ladies.

    I have to work tomorrow, but word on the street says our boss is going to let us leave early. I don't know how early yet, but I'll take what I can get :)

    That drink looks amazing @kimmiinthemitten!! I'd have one now even though it isn't 10 am here yet :)

  • You guys... My formal interview is scheduled for Wednesday.  It's going to be really hard to give it my all knowing what I know about everything, but damnit, I'm gonna try.  Thanks for planting that seed of "Why bother," assholes.  #overlyhonestmethods

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  • Well, we didn't make an offer on either of the houses :( I was a little disappointed. Our parents came and looked at one of the houses and FI and his dad found some problems. So, I guess its back to the drawing board.

    I can't wait for this weekend. I'm trying so hard to get through today and tomorrow. I've had it with my job this week... I need large quantities of either wine or tequila.

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  • I woke up late this morning and now I have to work an extra hour tomorrow. :(

    My coworker appears to be wearing a shirt and no pants. There's no way it can be considered a "dress". I hope she doesn't drop anything. Geese.

    I'm not going to Indy this weekend, which sucks but it's good. I'll deep clean the house, organize some shit. Maybe work on the yard so we're not the "those people" of the neighborhood.

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  • So after a long day of scrubbing walls so I can start painting I take a bath in my awesome 100 year old claw foot rub (it really has carved feet on it). Super luxurious and relaxing. Then I go downstairs and find a stream of water seeping through the ceiling. H is in a terrible mood because now we have to call plumbers. 

    Also, I think the pre-k/k grads are adorable. My neice was so excited for hers, they did a skit which was pretty cute. Why the hate?

  • Also, I think the pre-k/k grads are adorable. My neice was so excited for hers, they did a skit which was pretty cute. Why the hate?
    I think it's in the vein of "STFU Parents!"   

  • Also, I think the pre-k/k grads are adorable. My neice was so excited for hers, they did a skit which was pretty cute. Why the hate?
    I think it's in the vein of "STFU Parents!"   
    Ah, I am a STFU, Parents fan, but maybe because most of my friends aren't over sharers I don't see that many? SIL sent video of the neice, but that's about it. 
  • Some dude just complained that the local pint at the airport bar costs $7.00 because he can buy a pint of vodka in Jersey for $6.00.  Ummm, that's called rubbing alcohol pal.
    That explains a lot about New Jersey.

    DK has his in-person interview this morning. He had me cut his hair last night and spent a couple of hours preparing, so he's ready to go.

    Wolverine had her end of the year gymnastics show last night - she's come a long way in the last couple of months. She can land a cartwheel now - it's not perfect, but she's a lot better. if she does well next year and wants to keep up the gymnastics/start to compete, there's another local place we can send her. 

    We're leaving for our trip tomorrow and with everything going on this week and last, we're a little behind with packing and such. (As in nothing is done.) I'm going to swing by a sporting goods store and Target at lunch to get a few things for us to take. I also just did a massive overhaul of Wolverine's dresser and need to get her some new clothes - she's down to 1 drawer of stuff that fits and some school outfits. 

    We missed pre-K graduation last year, so are looking forward to the spectacle that will be Kindergarten graduation. It's next weekend, which seems later than normal. (Last year, we didn't know about it before we booked our trip to Europe - our first couple trip since Wolverine was born. My parents went and took a few pictures for us.) 
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