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How was the weekend?!

Ours was pretty good.  Lots of food, drinks, family time, and sleep.  FIL, BIL, SIL, and my nephew were here.  The kiddo flew out to SIL's Saturday morning for 2 weeks.  Sunday was the most amazing lazy day.  We took DefConn to the "Angry Birds" movie yesterday.  

This is DefConn's *last* week of daycare.  What? He's only going today, (maybe) Thursday, and Friday.  :D 


Re: Tuesday!

  • Oh, Tuesday.  You suck so hard.

    DS usually doesn't nap on the weekends.  Yesterday, I tried to get him down and he was way too wound up from the pool party, so of course he conked out right as DH was getting dinner on the table.  He would not wake up, so I put him in his Pull-Up and pajamas (he barely stirred) and put him to bed.

    Guess who was up at 3:00 this morning?  :s  He actually woke up at 2:00, and I managed to get him back to sleep.  But I could hear him on the monitor, all restless, and by 3:00 he came charging into our room.  Out of desperation, I put Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on Netflix, and DH was asleep 3 minutes later, but I just dozed on and off until 5:00, and then I was up for good.  I am feeling it now, despite a very generous pour of coffee.  DH texted to tell me that DS fell asleep on the way to DC.  They're going to earn that $$$ today, bless their hearts.

    It was a good weekend.  Wooz did great in her first meet of the season.  Neighborhood pool party was postponed until yesterday, due to rain, so that spread out some of activities a little better.  And we decided to skip the fireworks, because it looked like more rain was on the way, and we didn't feel like an hour and a half round trip if we were going to be rained out.  So one of Wooz's friends came over, stayed for dinner, we put on a movie, and she ended up sleeping over and going to the pool party with us yesterday.  The kids had a fabulous time at the pool.

    Wooz has four days of school this week and next, and then she is out for the summer.
  • This weekend was pretty good.

    Saturday, my mom and I drove to Vegas to pick up my dress. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Sunday, FI and I went to a BBQ at one of FIL's friend's houses. It was a lot of fun. We also put an offer in on a house on Sunday morning. We should know something by end of today.

    Monday, we had a BBQ at my mom's house. Everything was going great until about 9pm and FI and I had our first big fight. It wasn't pretty. We talked it out though. We are in the phase of treating everything gently right now.

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  • I'm here.  Physically, at least.  There is just not enough coffee.  I'd really much rather be curled up in a hammock with my book.  Except, we don't have a hammock, and I work for a living.  Sometimes, I think I should quit my engineering job and find a publishing company to hire me as a fiction editor.  The more I think about that, the more I think that would be my dream job.

    We got our wedding photos back this weekend, and now that the last piece of wedding history is in the books, I'm ready to move on and focus on the next step for us.  Our photographer did an amazing job, but I think I'm still too close to it to really appreciate everything.  Still no regrets about skipping the videographer.  My favorite picture is the one he captured of the look on my mother's face when she saw me.  I am going to carry that one with me forever.

    Other than that, we cleaned and did yard work and saw a baseball game.  And I can't even remember what we did Sunday, so it was either that good or that bad.

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  • I had a good weekend. It was pretty quiet but I got a lot done.

    Today I finally told the owner about my coworker who is GROSSLY off with her timesheets. I'm not the office manager but last week alone she was 4 hours over her actual working time. Most days she hasn't even left her house at the time she writes down. It was bugging me and half of me was like, "welp, file that under not my problem" but it was really getting to me. I wonder if they'll do anything about it.

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  • Our weekend was nice.  DH and I got to spend the day alone on Saturday and we went to a bonfire on Sunday night.  I also got some shopping in (DD1 needs a summer wardrobe. She has 4 pieces that fit from last year).

    Yesterday we didn't do much.

    Today we have been to the library.  Now I need to work.  It's raining.  I keep expecting Son to call to say practice has been cancelled and to come get him but I guess they're playing through it.

  • We spent the weekend in Arkansas mining for diamonds and playing at a water park. The cabins where we stayed had a ton of activities for families, so I ended up teaching my 5.5yo kid archery. She had a blast with it, which means we'll probably be setting up a range in our yard.

    I'm exhausted and sunburned today, but it was a fun weekend.
  • I had an amazingly productive weekend.  I did all of the ironing for Pride (so many damn flags, tablecloths, table edgers, this damn banner thing that is cool looking, but 6 20' long banners to iron was not fun), did massive shopping trips at Lowe's, Staples, and Michaels, created our tabling kits, did most of the Day of Schedule, folded t-shirts until I thought my fingers would bleed, cleaned my apartment for probably the last time until after Pride, grocery shopped, slept, and napped a lot.  18 days away.
  • Weekend was good. Lots of painting, but the kitchen is finally coming together. Also lots of podcasts; finished the West Wing Weekly (loved the episode with Richard Schiff) and on to Undisclosed. Which can I just say is ridiculous, I can't believe so much was left out at trial, wasn't documented/investigated, is still unanswered!

    In laws came by the new house yesterday, which was nice  I love them, they're super nice and generous with their time, but the house was a mess, nothing is unpacked and there are boxes and drop cloths everywhere. I just hate having people in the house when it looks like that. 
  • also, good news for DK - he has an interview with the VP of the company he's been talking to. hopefully they'll make him a (very good) offer
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    Saturday- we did a ton of yardwork then went to a sad, sad graduation party.  It was DH's nephew.  The graduate walked out of the room because it got too loud and there were too many people.  He sat by the bonfire (in 80+ weather) while everyone else sat in a circle of folding chairs in the living room.  By everyone else I mean the family, ILs, SIL's mom and grandma, and her cousin.  Cousin and his wife have a 2 yo, a 7 month old and a baby due in October.  I think they had more children then teeth. 

    Party was supposed to last until 11 and SIL told me about all of these friends and coworkers that were supposed to come.  Just like every other party these people never showed up.  We left at 8 and everyone else was walking out with us. 

    At one point the 20 yo was lamenting that he would be FORTY when his daughter graduated from high school.  He'd be soooooooo old!  I said "I'm 40 and have a 3 year old.  Do the math."  He's probably still trying to figure it out.

    I'm legitimately worried about the graduate though.  He's 17 and his mom has alluded to the fact he has autism.  He doesn't do well with loud noises or lots of people.  He's a sweet kid, but he's naïve and immature and impulsive.  He's going to be working the mustard line at some factory.  I just don't see this going well.  He's either going to get hurt or have some sort of personal issue.  I really think the parents have done a serious disservice to him by trying to shelter him and keep him home.  He doesn't even have a license because they don't trust him.  There were no college visits or offering up alternatives.

  • It seemed like the weekend flew by...  Saturday I got rose bushes planted along with the planter for LFIL's gravesite (SIL usually does it but ran out of time and it HAD to be done this weekend)..  Delivered that Sunday with the kids and DH on our way to meet up with my brother...  Yesterday I mowed the yard and started moving the dirt for the front yard - the delivery guy was suppose to dump it in the field where it needed to go so all I'd have to do is shovel it into place - it was rainy and he was afraid to drive out there, so my shovel and rake project turned into a "Move 14 yards of dirt from the driveway manually before shoveling and raking it"...  Ugh! 

  • This is the Mondayest Tuesday I've ever seen.

    I'm glad to see that everybody seemed to have a good (or at least decent) weekend!!

    My weekend was great, despite the fact that I ended up with a lovely summer cold. Louisville was amazing. I've always been totally anti-moving, but I even told DH that I'd move there if moving states/cities became something we were considering.

    Saturday we went to the zoo. I got to hear a real lion roar in real life. And the tiger there roared too. The locals were saying they'd never seen the lion even get up hardly, let alone roar. IDK what was up with them, but I'm glad that they chose the day I was there to have an off day. It honestly was one of the most awe inspiring moments I've ever experienced. Then we went back to the hotel, took a nap/watched movies, and went back out for some awesome dinner at a local restaurant.

    Sunday we spent the day walking around downtown and ended up at the coolest little local bar where we had some more awesome food.

    Yesterday was spent driving home and then getting settled and ready for the week. DH kept saying over and over again how glad he was that I came and how much fun he had with me. It was so cute. He never says stuff like that, so that's when I know it REALLY meant a lot to him.

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