Favor sayings.. HELP!

Hello everyone. We need help with what to write on our favor tags. We have 2x2 cardstock we are attaching to it and would like something cute-sy to put on it. Our favors are small linen bags filled with hershey kisses so something to do with chocolate, sweet and kisses would be fun! Thanks!

Re: Favor sayings.. HELP!

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    Have you tried a google image search? Lots of quotes/tags with hershey kisses: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=wedding+favor+kisses+sayings

    k thnx bye

  • I wouldn't over think it. If you find something you like ok, but don't beat yourself up over it.

    Could be really simple: "Thanks for your love and support! ksulaski & FH 2016"

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    A wedding DH and I went to last year had bags of Hershey's kisses as favors and they did have a cute saying on them but honestly I can't remember what it was so I don't think it's that important. We had welcome bags and I think our tags just said Thank You, Love Bride & Groom (but with our names not Bride and Groom). 

    I wouldn't overthink it, if you want to use a saying that's fine but I doubt people will notice.

    EDT for spelling
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    "I'm married bitches! Have some kisses!"
    jk...I've seen what @OurWildKingdom mentioned a couple of times I always think it's cute.
  • The last wedding FH and I went to gave Hershey's kisses as a favor. I have no idea what the tag (if there was one) said, but I know I ate every last one of them because the food was both terrible and tiny.

    I don't think anyone will remember what you put on the tag. How about just "Thank you! -ksulaski and FH"
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  • I like @eileenrob 's suggestion best.
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