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Re: Friday!!!!

  • *Barbie* said:
    Heffalump said:

    I'm super excited to see the new programmable wi-fi thermostats in action, and the larger AC unit upstairs. 

    I bet you'll love the wi-fi.  That was one of the first updates we made when we moved in, because they didn't even have programmable thermostats, just the basic ones the builder installed.  I am so frickin' lazy now, I will adjust the thing from the sofa with my phone, rather than get up and walk 10 feet.

    I'm going to be doing the same thing, and drive DK bat shit crazy. We currently have the standard ones (not even programmable) and it's a huge PITA. 

    Uh... I think if we had that, we'd sit their on our respective phones and fight over the temperature, lol. We're still civil right now: "Do you mind if I turn it up a notch?"

    Kimmi, love the detailing on that dress!!

  • That's gorgeous @kimmiinthemitten!! I love all the detail on the bodice. Also, you look super happy in it!
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    @kimmiinthemitten, that dress is amazing! You look gorgeous!

    Huzzah, @AtomicBlonde ! I knew they'd pick you!
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