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-1 Anniversary

Hi everyone!
I hope planning is going well and that your to-do lists are being checked off. I was wondering if anyone else was doing a -1 Anniversary dinner? Or doing anything special. Our location has a restaurant inside the venue as well, so we made reservations. I want to surprise him with something, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas?

Re: -1 Anniversary

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    I hadn't thought of doing anything for our date, but I think it's really cute. I wouldn't get him anything to big, maybe just a card. Something that says I can't wait to marry you. Thanks for the idea to celebrate :)
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    We are getting married the day after our 5 year dating anniversary. So this year we will just be focusing on our 4 year dating anniversary. 
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    Today is my -1 year Wedding Anniversary!!! Next year this time I will be preparing to Marry the love of my life!!!!!I'm such I'll have the jitters and I wouldn't have gotten much sleep the night before, But I would surely be up and getting ready. My wedding starts at 6:30 p.m. so we would be running around getting little things done. I'm sooooo  excited!
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