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No Vegetarian Option

So I'm a vegetarian and I got a wedding invite which has no vegetarian option. This has honestly never happened to me before, there's always been an option or it's been a buffet and I just pick what I can eat through the line.

Would it be rude of me to ask the bride (my friend) if it'd be possible to get a vegetarian meal or should I just pick one of the meat ones and let DH eat the meat and I'll just eat the side and get something for myself to eat after we leave the reception?
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Re: No Vegetarian Option

  • I would ask. For my reception we did meat, chicken, fish, but had a vegan/GF option for anyone that needed it. If we went over a certain Number (20% of total I think...) we were charged for a 4th meal choice so we didn't give it as an option for everyone. I had a few people ask and we were happy to do it. We did also write on the invites to contact us with any dietary questions so I was glad people told me so I could make those arrangements. 
  • When in doubt, ask!  Just be prepared to accept whatever answer you get and manage what you're given even if this means you're going to stop and grab something before or leave early to get something after. 
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  • At my venue, we selected three entrees - one chicken, one beef, one fish. There was then a standard vegetarian option in addition to that, which I'm guessing is how a lot of venues handle this.

    You should definitely ask. It is much better to ask now than to go hungry and/or feel awkward at the wedding.
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    If you're very close to your friend, you can mention it to her.  Being a vegetarian is a choice, it's not like a host ignoring a guest with a severe allergy, so instead of asking your friend, you could also ask your server at the venue, I'm sure the kitchen has some sort of vegetarian option off-menu.  I was a vegetarian for a decade (even now, I eat meat but only once a month or so), and I usually ordered the meat that offended me least and ate the potatoes, veggies, etc., while my H/brother/whoever I was with ate my meat. 

  • I would just call the venue and ask.  Most venues will prepare a veg meal even if it's not one of the choices although you might not be able to choose much.  I've asked for double sides in the past.  I wouldn't bother the bride about it.
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  • Thanks everyone. I love @madamerwin 's wording! I'm not trying to be confrontational I get that being a vegetarian is a choice not an allergy. My venue had the option for people veg/gluten free as well but I didn't know if it was common, sounds like it is fairly common. 
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