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XP: Asking guests not to arrive too early

XP to Etiquette

My wedding is coming up in a few weeks. We are getting married in a Catholic church and are lucky enough to be able to do it after the vigil mass, however there is only a half hour gap between the end of the mass and the start of the ceremony. 

I'm not planning on doing any decorating in the church so that won't be an issue, but my concern is guests arriving before the mass ends. (5:30 end time, 6:00 ceremony). Would it be OK to put something on my wedding website notifying my guests of this? If so, how would you word it?


Re: XP: Asking guests not to arrive too early

  • Has your church asked you to try to not have people arriving too early?  If yes, then I'd put something on the website.  Something along the lines of "Due to the Saturday vigil Mass before our wedding, if you happen to arrive more than 30 minutes early, please try to wait in the lobby until the service is finished.

    If your church hasn't asked you to do this, I wouldn't mention it.  I think of the few people who might come that early would either just sit quietly in the back of Mass or wait in the lobby on their own.

    Will there be someone greeting people that could greet people as they come in?  Maybe just make sure you are there early enough to talk to people about this on the day of?  We considered doing this ourselves since we processed in together.  Though we weren't worried about this, since our wedding was at noon and daily mass was at 8 am.  
  • They haven't said anything and realistically I guess it won't be that much of an issue.

    We weren't planning on getting there until after the mass ended anyway but I may decide to go a little earlier.
  • Very few people will show up a half-hour before the service.  If anything they may attend the Vigil mass if your wedding isn't a full mass.  If anything, I'd say include it as part of the map enclosure with a "St. _____ has weekend mass at (times)" (we had a lot of OOT guests so included the mass times of some local parishes near the hotels)... 

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