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2.5 more days of work until vacation.  

Over the weekend I was looking at our route to GA and I realized that St. Augustine seemed super close to where SIL and BIL live.  It's somewhere I've always wanted to go visit.  I googled the distance and it is only a little over 2 hours.  DH asked SIL if they'd be interested in going down there for a night and they are.  I booked us hotel rooms this morning.  :D  I'm excited for this little side-trip! 

Thankfully, the weather broke and it's only going to be in the 70's today.  I have to clean out my car and wipe it down.   It's really, really gross. 

I hate the lead up to a trip.  I never sleep well.  I'm always fretting over stuff.  I hope I can sleep well tonight. 

Re: Tuesday!!

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    It's in the 70s and we have swim lessons.  This happened the last two years too. 

    Nothing too interesting, just setting up the rest of summer.  My parents are taking the kids for a few nights.  We're going to Cincinnati/Kings Island for a few nights.  I have to go to Cinci for a few days of work.  I need to get 6let fitted for his uniforms (wtf?).

    I'm also anxiously awaiting to see what days M2 has kindergarten!
  • DH fixed the dryer. I am so pissed. What use do I have for a dryer that has one heat setting (melt)?

    We're looking into renting our house rather than selling. The first company we talked to sent us their fees and breakdown of costs, and when I did the math, I discovered that we'd walk away with a little less than 17% of the possible profit.

    What a scam.

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  • I got a new phone Friday.  I had been saying that I wanted a new one for my birthday, so DH surprised me by taking me to pick one out.  I have always gotten a cheapie and this time I went for the gold.  It's probably too nice but I have had fun playing with it the past few days.  It was on sale and we're getting a "free" Samsung Gear VR, so that'll be fun.

    Tomorrow is Son's birthday.  It completely snuck up on us.  We have two things for him.  We have a super rare night off from baseball tonight so DH and I are going to go shopping tonight.  At least we have a few ideas.

  • Good morning. 
    I woke up at 4am with a terrible sore throat. I took a steamy shower and that helped but it is back. :(

    Vacation was exhausting. It is nice to be home but extremely quiet wothout the dog. How my garden grew while I was gone!

    FH and I start premarital counseling tomorrow. I am excited but a little nervous at the same time. 
  • Good morning. 
    I woke up at 4am with a terrible sore throat. I took a steamy shower and that helped but it is back. :(

    BOO!  That sucks.  I hope it's not strep.  Feel better soon. 
  • I'm at work and it's a boring day full of quotes and no customer visits.  Wah wah.  But on the plus side, I'm working an event for my caterer tonight where all I do is pour wine samples so I get free wine and earn some money towards our catering bill so it's a win win!

    @mrsconn23, have fun on your vacation!
  • Pens won last night - 1 more win to get the cup! 

    Wolverine's new gymnastics class has a lot of girls that are older and really good. Hopefully it will help drive her to get better. She's been excited to try skills that are well beyond her abilities at this point (1 handed cartwheel) - but she doesn't seem to mind falling, so no big deal.

    I'm meeting with my boss later to talk about career path. I don't see much changing in the next year or two (my company can be very slow with this stuff), but it will be interesting to hear his take. 
  • Good morning. 
    I woke up at 4am with a terrible sore throat. I took a steamy shower and that helped but it is back. :(

    BOO!  That sucks.  I hope it's not strep.  Feel better soon. 
    Thanks. I am hoping it is sinus related
  • I have nothing exciting today. It's cold and I'm scraping paint from my pantry trim and listening to the end of Undisclosed. 

    I watched my dog chase a squirrel for like 20 minutes this morning. 
  • I keep thinking it's Wednesday  :(

    I've had a really bad week with luggage. My suitcase cracked really badly, but I only noticed after I left the airport yesterday morning so the airline take no responsibility. Great, there goes £100 up in smoke. It was a really early flight and I'd been up since 3.30am in my defense. I should have looked at least, I guess I was in a daze. Then tonight when I was flying again I didn't have any local currency to pay to wrap it in plastic, and the guy didn't take card. I had to wrap sellotape around my whole case so that it would make it in one piece. Which it did, luckily, but you know I'd probably just have preffered not to have to walk around with a taped case. At baggage collection I was so preoccupied with making sure that case was fine that I walked out of the airport without my little carry on suitcase. I only noticed once I was in the car, if the hotel driver hadn't asked me how many bags I wouldn't even have noticed. I had to be escorted back into the airport by someone from the indian army, only to find that the area around the case had been cleared and there were a number of quite angry army men around it demanding to know why I had left it there. Guys, they made an official report and took down my passport number and personal details. Ugh, the shame of it all! I shouldn't be allowed out on my own.

    Just one more flight to make it home with all my luggage in one piece and on my person. I need to practise being a real adult.
  • Hope you feel better soon, @missJeanLouise!

    Our new housemate is a fantastic cook. She made a wonderful vegetarian curry tonight, with curried chicken on the side for the omnivores. Yum.
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