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Post wedding blues...

So I've been married now for almost two weeks and let me start out by saying my wedding was AMAZING. Everything went perfectly and I have absolutely no regrets. Five days after our wedding, we both had to go back to reality (we're planning a honeymoon for later this year) and he goes away two weeks at a time when he goes to work (he's a pilot). So n I'm not sure if it's because now I've been alone for most of our married lives now, or just missing the excitement that came with the wedding... but I'm seriously struggling. It seems silly because there's so many more things in this world and people that are suffering, then there's me sitting on the couch crying at the end of the day, missing and wishing I could relive that day over and over again. My friends have been encouraging me to start planning the honeymoon etc though that doesn't feel right to do until he's back home from work. Help! I thought for sure I wouldn't be "that bride".

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  • Ditto CMGragain but listen to your friends about planning something else... obviously don't book anything but looking on trip advisor is a good way to waste some time!

  • The days and weeks leading up to wedding are busy and full of details and oftentimes people.  Fast forward a week, and you're alone with nothing to plan.  I don't think it's unreasonable to be sad.  Plan a girls night out, get a mani/pedi, check out that movie you've been meaning to see during the old lady matinee hour.  And then when your H(!) gets home, relive the day with him and have a date night.
  • I'm sorry you're feeling that way OP, it makes sense and a lot of people feel kind of sad after their wedding. You spend months planning this huge event and then it's over. Find something to fill that gap. Maybe plan a smaller get together with friends and family. After our wedding I planned a Christmas Eve event for some family and that helped kind of ease me out of the planning obsession. 4th of July is coming up or you don't really need a holiday at all, just pick a day that works for your friends and family.

    Also I get being alone is tough. Not really the same situation for me but the first time I moved away from my parents I was 9 hours away working and didn't know anyone. A lady a worked introduced me to an animal shelter where I was able to volunteer and walk dogs and play with them. It helped me get out of bed on my days off when I would otherwise have been all alone and tempted to just stay in bed all weekend watching netflix. See if there is something like that in your area when you husband is away. Or if you don't want to walk dogs maybe look for volunteer work elsewhere like soup kitchens, or big brother big sister, etc... 

    Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.
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  • Sounds like a great time to pick up a new hobby. Is there anything you always wanted to do or learn that you put off because you were too busy? Maybe take a dance/art/music class? Do something just for you. 
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