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Rearranging during reception

so due to space imitations at the reception, we will probably have to move some tables around/closer together to have a dance floor for the reception. How do we go about this the best way?

Re: Rearranging during reception

  • When are you thinking about moving them? During cocktail hour (in between ceremony and reception)? Just hire someone.

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    Who is moving the tables? Is the responsibility yours or are the venue staff doing it?

    I would try to arrange your tables so there is the least amount of moving as needed.

    I think it's going to be a bit awkward any way you put it, as you will be requiring your guests to stand up and move out of the way, but I would do it just as the dance portion starts. Start the music and people are more likely to get up to dance, go to the bar, or use the washroom. Then you can have staff move whatever tables are needed.
  • it would have to be after the cocktail hour and after dinner, we will have to move them in order to have a decent sized dance floor 
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    that happened at a friend's wedding, they moved them after dinner/cake/speeches. There really is no good way to do it, since those people are inconvenienced. In this case the tables were removed, not just moved, so those guests either had to find a table with an open spot, sit in an awkward chair along the wall or leave.

    I'd have the venue staff handle it like they normally do although I'd try to see if there was a way to prevent having to do it in the first place bc it sucks for those at those tables

  • This also happened at a wedding recently. They had the wedding party do most of the moving and the people at the front tables that were being moved also helped a bit (including me). If you can have staff do that, it would be much better. But overall, it wasn't a huge deal and was over within about five minutes. Have the bar or a dessert table or something near the back that you could distract people with while this is happening and have them be out of the way anyways.  
    I definitely agree that if you can just move those tables instead of remove them that is much better. This way those people still have a place to sit if they want to. 
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