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Alfred Angelo "Once Upon a Time" Matching/Coordinating Colors

My bridesmaid are wearing Once upon a time by Alfred Angelo. Has anyone worn this color and if so what color ties did you go with?? I can't find anything to match so open to anything!!

Re: Alfred Angelo "Once Upon a Time" Matching/Coordinating Colors

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    The men's ties do not need to match the bridesmaids.  What are the men wearing?
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    How about a neutral like cream? The color seems like kind of a periwinkle, so I think a black suit with cream ties would look nice.
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    Alfred Angelo is now offering a line of menswear that offers rentals, including Once Upon a Time accessories. 
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    I would go with a tie in a neutral like black or navy. You can even consider a patterned tie that might have a bit of several colours close to the dresses and they will coordinate. They don't need to match the bridesmaid dresses. It ends up reminding me of prom.
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