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No coffee No Monday

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So if I never get out of bed to make the coffee I can just skip Monday, right?

In place of my wedding dreams where I forget my dress or FI's ring, I'm now having horrific dreams. In one he broke up with me, in 2 he was murdered. In all of them, they feel real and when I wake up my heart is pounding and I'm sobbing and have to find him to make sure they're not real. In last nights dream, during the trial and investigation no one would talk to me because I was only his "fiancé" and therefore had no say. 

On the plus side, we did buy his ring over the weekend. Since I have a ring, dress and shoes we figured it was his turn.  How was your weekend?

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Re: No coffee No Monday

  • @kimmiinthemitten, I had and still have pretty horrific nightmares in which DH is killed or cheating on me. They suck so much, and I haven't found anything that helps prevent them, although I have noticed on days I work out, I'm too tired at night to really do much vivid dreaming. I should probably start working out again...

    I'm on-site at my new field office! I don't officially start until mid-October, but I need some on-the-job training and shit before then, so I'm here for a month. Hotel living sucks, but my company reimburses me really well. My soon-to-be new office is swank, probably only because it's new (to me). It sucks, though, I'm the only one here and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. I'm thinking about wandering around the site, but I don't want to get lost and anyway it's already like 90* out, so now I'm just making excuses. Air conditioning is winning.

    I am trying to convince DH we should use the relocation bonus for a down payment on a new house.  He wants an F150. I can't tell if he's messing with me.  I hope he is, it's sometimes hard to have adult discussions with him, and I'd really rather not have to argue over money.

    Not gonna lie... It was soooo nice having a bed allllll to myself last night and not fighting for leg room with 90lbs of dog. The pooch still won't accept that he has to share the bed/me with DH.

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  • Yeesh, @kimmiinthemitten, those nightmares sound horrible.  Congrats on the ring, though!  Pics?

    It was a good weekend here.  Wooz's meet was a bit of a cluster.  The Y that was hosting it had it at a satellite location rather than the main center, and it was a hike from parking to the pool.  The spectator area was really cramped, and basically it was more set up for rec swimming than competition.  (The adjacent pool had some really fun looking slides and stuff, but unfortunately it wasn't open, despite DS asking us repeatedly to take him over there.) 

    No shade anywhere near the pool, and very hot.  When Wooz wasn't swimming, we ended up taking the kids over to the basketball court (which was covered, fortunately) to get them out of the sun.  Childcare was over at the main location, not the satellite, so DS was stuck outdoors with us.  The pool deck was so small and crowded that we couldn't even get a good line of sight to the other end of the pool--we think Wooz eked out 1st in her heat for freestyle and backstroke, but not sure until the results come out.  Relay, no idea.  By the time we got to butterfly, the crowd had thinned (people were leaving as soon as their kids finished their last event, no one was hanging around 'til the end), so at least we got to see that.  Afterward, the kids wanted to explore the grounds (you could see a playset of some kind through some trees) but DH was so cranky from the heat that we ended up just leaving.

    The rest of the day was much better.  One of our neighbors threw a going away party for another neighbor, and they had a bounce house, so Wooz and her friends were there for a good chunk of the afternoon despite the heat.  DH and I had our anniversary dinner and it was wonderful.  I put a reminder on my Google calendar while we were there to schedule date night every month.  :)

    Got Wooz's birthday invites in the mail.  Fielded a ton of texts from my mom re: where to stay at Disney.  In the fall.  Of 2017.  :)

    Today is the day I run to the American Girl store at lunch for Wooz's birthday present.  She'd better love this thing.

  • On the road in FL. Just had the best hashbrown casserole I've ever tasted. It had cheese, sour cream, and bacon in it. 

    It's hotter than shit here. We got some pool time in yesterday.  We're hitting up the beach and a museum today. 

    We made it in record time on our drive down. Less than 12 hours, with stops. SIL's house is super cute and she lives in a nice little town.
  • Wedding dreams are nuts! My nightmares were never that serious though; mostly about running late and missing out on everything. Weird stuff. 

    We had a great weekend though. Took a weekend trip to Boston! I'd never been there and we really liked it (love to geek out over all the historical stuff). 

  • Pride kicked off this week.  Had a fairly decent event on Saturday where nonmonosexual identities were discussed (bi, pan, demi, poly, etc.).  There was an awkward moment when a panel discussing erasure of these identities in the LGBT community, had to fend off questions related to gender identity, b/c um...that's erasure.  Pride pageant last night which I was way too drunk at b/c I ate nothing all day from being so upset about the Orlando tragedies and had most of a bottle of wine.  But I needed to be around my community last night.

    And now, I'm having a meeting with the city, the police, and our downtown association to talk about beefing up security for our Pride and what we would need to be able to provide police with in an active shooter situation.  I'm so damn scared and I'm so fucking pissed off about being scared.  There's so much hurt and anger and no real place to direct it.  

    This morning, I was specifically driving by our square, b/c our huge new expensive and beautiful banner announcing Pride is going up.  I took a picture of the workers putting it up to share on our Pride Page.  I realized that in the background of the picture, I also caught the city workers lowering the flags to half mast for the victims.  So, I lost my composure again.  Today is just still rough.
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    ((Hugs)) @VarunaTT. You've been on my mind, since I know how involved you were in planning Pride. My friends at home (mostly co workers] who were at Pride there are all reeling.  There's no words.  

    My company has been very proactive about offering any help they can. We have a very organized Pride team within our office that is supported by my company. We also have a small office in Orlando and several people who work on-site at resorts in the area (and FL in general).
  • @VarunaTT, all the hugs and positive vibes and support for you, and for everyone.

    "And when they use our atoms to make new lives, they won’t just be able to take one, they’ll have to take two, one of you and one of me..."
    --Philip Pullman

  • @kimmiinthemitten I had almost those exact dreams when DH and I were engaged! Especially the breaking up dreams. It was AWFUL!!!! I'm sorry :(

    My best friend's baby shower was great this weekend! I was in charge of the food and one of our other friends was in charge of the décor. She got to my house bright and early on Saturday morning and she decorated while I baked and made all of the food. The only hiccup we had was that people started showing up 15 minutes early and we weren't ready yet. Never in my life have I seen people show up that early to any kind of party, let alone a shower. Oh well. It all worked out. :)

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    I've been thinking about you V and the entire community. 

    I don't even know where the weekend went.  Saturday we had the world's longest baseball game.  6let got ROBBED of a triple play.  They're still too young for regular season refs so the offensive coaches get final say in the call.  Except in this case none of their coaches were in position to see the play.  Instead of listening to our parents and 6let he made a bad, bad call.  Our coach started to come unglued, then threw up his hands and backed off.  He apologized to me and I was like "what could you do?  bad calls happen."  It did cost them the game though.  We spent the afternoon at the pool.

    Sunday was church and yardwork. 

    Two plus weeks ago I scheduled a/c repair for today.  Guy shows up and says "It was a tough on-call weekend. I'm just making sure you have enough Freon to last until we can come back and repair.  No charge for today."  What?  This was the scheduled time for you to FIX the leak you knew about 2 weeks ago.  Rescheduling is bs.  He's fixing it.

    I have lots of little stuff this week.  Nothing will be more than an hour, but they are all at specified times and annoying- swim at 9:40, pick up volunteer packets at 1, get uniform fitting at 10:30, airport pick up at 4, etc.
  • All the good thoughts to you and your friends today @VarunaTT. I don't really know what to say. I'm angry and sad. 

    We we did a lot of work on the house, again. Friday night we spent trying to replace pipes in the basement which involved a lot of solder and water all over the floor. We gave up around 1am and finally fixed it Saturday morning. We are watch Parks & Rec for the first time and we're halfway through season4 and I'm sure this is the funniest show I've watched, ever. 
  • Lots of hugs, V.  :`(
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    V- You need to take care of yourself too.  However that needs to happen.
  • ::Hugs:: V.  

  • V - I thought of you too. That whole situation was horrific.

    We had more rain this weekend, so we didn't get a chance to  swim. :-(

    PENS WON THE CUP!!! (there was much celebrating by me last night)
  • I know I'm not an old reg here, but I thought about you too, Veruna. Hugs.

    Since I'm too lazy to be trusted to go to the library regularly, H and I bought a computer this weekend. The laptop broke like 6 months ago. The guy talked us into a desktop and I'm happy we went with it, so far.

    Yesterday I drank too much after having a shitty encounter with my stepdad. My brother is done and no longer wants a relationship with him. After yesterday, my sister and I are there too. It just really really sucks.

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  • I still get those dreams sometimes @kimmiinthemitten. Not too long ago I had one where it was kind of like a count of monte cristo situation where I was wrongly imprisoned in some dungeon and spent all my time trying to get out and get back to DH and when I finally I did I walked in our apartment to find out he had a new GF because he'd been told I was dead. I woke him up and made him promise he'd wait to see my body before he believed a stranger I was dead. I'm lucky I found someone to put up with my crazy...

    We finally had a weekend with nothing major going on! I planned to do a bunch of chores but ended up just doing laundry and dishes. Sadly I didn't even really finish, I never folded or put away my underwear/socks they are just siting in the basket. DH and I went to see the Warcraft movie Friday night and LOVED it so we ended up renewing our WoW subscriptions and playing a lot this weekend. Also I binge watched Grace and Frankie and am about halfway through Season 2. 
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  • Randoms:

    I now have the Lea doll.  Y'all, I had never had occasion to visit one of their actual stores.  I could have dropped some serious coin in there.  (Also, their doll swimsuits cost more than Wooz's kid-size suits, unless you count her competition suit.  Which I'm not counting, since the doll can't actually swim.)

    On the way back to work, @VarunaTT, I passed a church with a rainbow flag at half staff, and their church sign (the kind with the moveable letters) said "It's a sin to discriminate."  If I had had more time, I would have stopped to snap a pic for you (but unfortunately I spent too much time shopping for doll size tiaras). 

    I was playing around with American Airlines' website, and learned that I have enough miles to fly three of us to my grandma's party and back.  W00t w00t!  However, that leads to a DH vent, which I will put in a separate post...
  • Today is the Monday-est Monday of my life. 

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only BSC dreamer.  FI wakes up at least an hour earlier than I do everyday and eats breakfast in the living room.  I walked into the room a crying mess and he just looked up and said "Oh no, not again.  How'd I die this time?!"
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