Are favors necessary?

I can't recall a single favor I've ever kept from a wedding I've attended as an adult. So are they necessary or just an added expense?

Re: Are favors necessary?

  • They are definitely not necessary. If you do a favor, the general consensus is to do an edible one such as candy. (don't want to speak for everyone on the Knot though!)
  • Not necessary at all. I'm putting that money into the bar instead, I feel like my guests would probably prefer that and I honestly don't want anything else on my to do list! Lots of people on here did favours though, almost all the most popular ones seem to be edible. If you decide you do want to offer a favour, sweets or biscuits wouldn't add excessive costs. A girlfriend from my hometown made her own tablet (its a scottish fudge-like sweet) and wrapped them in bags, it cost very little except time.
  • Absolutely not required. I personally enjoy edible favours but if a favour wasn't put out, I wouldn't feel like I had missed out.
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    Another vote for an edible favor, if you have one at all.
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  • They are not necessary. I didn't have them at my wedding and I can honestly say I don't think anyone noticed.
  • I wouldn't notice at all if there were no favours. However, if you do decide to do them, I would suggest making it something that adds to the overall decor, like candy in your wedding colours to add to the table arrangements or laid out in a pretty way by the cake table or something like that. At least get some extra bang for your buck. 
  • No, they aren't necessary, but if you have them, edible favors go over the best.
  • Nope! But if you do, like PP have said, stick to something edible or, if you do something non-edible, at least make sure it's not personalized.

  • They aren't necessary, but I admit I like them as long as they aren't some kind of useless tchotchke.
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    Definitely not necessary. If you do want to do something the best favors I've seen were edible (candy bar, take home cake/cupcake, popcorn) or a photo. One of my favorites was a photobooth, but it printed magnets (without any info of the couple) and you could shoes your own background. It was The first wedding H went together so we have these great magnets of us all dressed up with crazy backgrounds. 

    ETA: Favors work best when they are "optional" in that it's something people can do or not (eat candy, take home wine, use a photobooth) but don't feel obligated if it's sitting out at the place setting and won't be "wasted" if they don't want them. 
  • +1 to food, if anything.

    The best thing about edible favors is that often there is someone who is happy to eat up an extra one if someone doesn't want theirs. I've enjoyed edible favors in the past, as it gives folks something to snack on while waiting for the meal.
  • I vote no as well. We originally planned to do favours {chocolates and mints} and then ended up with a candy bar for free, so that nixed the idea.
  • Not at all. Your choice to have them or not.
  • Not at all. Your choice to have them or not.
    @Knottieacb327f8595c607b Please check the dates on posts before you respond. This post is from June and over 4 months old. 
  • Not at all. Your choice to have them or not.
    @Knottieacb327f8595c607b Please check the dates on posts before you respond. This post is from June and over 4 months old. 
    And I've been married more than a month.
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