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Buying my own wedding gift

FH and I had lunch with my grandmother a week or two ago. She said she wanted to talk about our wedding present. She gave me her grandmother's china a few years ago, just for background.

She asked if we'd like a nice tablecloth for the dining room that coordinated with the china. We said that'd be great, and thanked her. She then said, "Well, go ahead and find one you like, and then order it. And let me know what I owe you. And don't get something cheap. Get a nice one."

I know she wants me to do it because she doesn't go out much, and her eyesight is failing, but I don't know what "not cheap" means to her. She didn't want to give me a price point.

How much would you spend on a nice tablecloth?

Maybe I'll just "forget" unless she brings it up again.
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Re: Buying my own wedding gift

  • My dad does gifts like this. I usually let him know of a few things I've found and ask for his opinion.
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  • I would just ask my mom/dad what she meant. 
  • I would pick out 3 or 4 you like at different price points and tell her to choose one.

    Does she give you a birthday check? If so, you could use that as a benchmark and keep the options around there.


  • Thanks everybody. It's sort of a complicated relationship. She's my dad's stepmother, who he doesn't really talk to much, but she's been around since before I was born and she's the only grandparent I have left, so I make an effort to have a relationship. No birthday check to judge it on, but that was a good suggestion @southernbelle0915.

    We'll pick out a few and see what she thinks.

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