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I'm back, kittens!!  

We had a lovely vacation.  It was very relaxing.  We loved St. Augustine.  We want to go back for longer (we only went down for 1 night) and maybe when it's a bit cooler, since it was pushing 100 degrees.   The drive both ways was not too bad.  ATL at 3am is the best way to go though.  

We took DefConn to his first concert on Saturday.  He had fun, but petered out before the end.   Thankfully, we were in seats vs. the lawn.  So he could just sit down in his chair. 

We did father's day with FIL yesterday.  He's got a new doc and had some meds adjusted.   It really seems to be helping him.  

How was the weekend for y'all?

Re: Monday!

  • (C&P from my duplicate Monday post)

    How is everyone today?  How was Father's Day weekend?

    I was off Friday.  Went to the surgeon with my mom.  She did an ultrasound first, and recommended against a needle biopsy.  The mass--whatever it is--is poorly organized, so her concern was that if the needle biopsy came back negative, they wouldn't know if it's because it was benign, or because they didn't get enough of whatever this growth is.  So they're going to do a more involved biopsy on Wednesday, where they put her under, make an incision, and take out a bigger sample in order to have confidence in the results.  My mom asked me to be there for that, so I'll be doing that Wednesday. 

    On the bright side, the surgeon was basically like "Not really sure what this is."  Which actually made my mom feel better, because after her doctor examined her, my mom was pretty sure it was cancer.  So she was kind of relived when the surgeon said "Maybe, maybe not.  Can't really say yet."  The good news is, she'll have the pathology results before she's released Wednesday, so then we'll know for sure what it is.  It could be a phyllodes tumor (benign or malignant), something called Paget Disease, or "run of the mill breast cancer that just isn't behaving normally, because breast cancer is weird sometimes."  Of those options, to me it sounds most like a phyllodes tumor, so we're hoping it's the benign version of that.  And even then, due to its rapid growth my mom will most likely need a mastectomy, but she said she's fine with that.  So I guess we'll know more Wednesday.

    In the meantime, Wooz had another great meet Saturday.  She spent so much time in the pool:  three hours for her meet, another hour playing afterward, and an hour in the neighborhood pool after dinner.  Poor DS was so tired Saturday that we were eating dinner and he hit his head on the table.  We were like "WTF?" and when I picked him up, he fell asleep almost instantly--the poor guy apparently nodded off at the dinner table.  DH had a good Father's Day:  we took him to breakfast, gave him his presents, saw Finding Dory, and I made his favorite dinner.

    I need a break.  I feel like I've been bouncing from one thing to the next since school was winding down.

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    @Heffalump - i'm glad that your mom will have answers soon. continued vibes for her.

    Friday was my birthday, so I took a day off and just relaxed - slept in, got a 90 minute massage, watched TV, and went out for dinner to a hibachi place. 

    Saturday, I woke up with a migraine, so asked DK to give me an ice pack, put it on my head, took one of my migraine pills, and fell back asleep before the side effects kicked in too much. I woke up about 4 hours later feeling a lot better. not 100%, but a solid 85%. We had a date night and dinner at the melting pot planned for Saturday, so luckily i was feeling well enough for that. It was a fun night.

    Sunday, I got up with Wolverine and let DK sleep in. We went to the store, got some groceries and came home. We were debating grilling, but the weather was a little spotty (a few passing thunderstorms), so I made stuffed peppers for dinner. We did manage to get in an hour in the pool (finally!!!) so that was nice. DK and I watched GoT once Wolverine was asleep. 

    We also watched the first 4 episodes of OITNB, so no spoilers!

    ETA: DK really liked his smoker and bundle of supplies. We've been debating what to smoke first - we have a duck and some ribs that will probably be going in next weekend.

  • Just watched GoT.  OMG, OMG, OMG is all I have to say. 

    I haven't started OITNB.   I cannot wait.  I'm trying so hard to avoid spoilers. 
  • I have the giggles today. It's becoming problematic.

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    @Heffalump I'm glad they'll be able to advise her while she's still there.  The waiting and not knowing is the worst.

    FI is going to China for 3 weeks and leaves on the 30th, so I'm waiting to start OITNB until then, but of course I've already stumbled upon a non-prefaced spoiler.  I'm sure it won't ruin the season but I wish I didn't know.  

    This weekend was pretty chill.  Minus the outdoor graduation party I worked on Saturday.  That was hot as hell!

    @mrs.conn23, glad you enjoyed your vacay!  My sister and her H are going to St. Augustine next month to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.  ETA:  they live in Florida so they're used to this heat.  Screw that noise!
  • *Barbie* said:

    Friday was my birthday, so I took a day off and just relaxed - slept in, got a 90 minute massage, watched TV, and went out for dinner to a hibachi place.
    Happy belated birthday, Barbie!

  • Happy belated birthday, Barbie! Your relaxing day sounds perfect!

    This morning I am super exhausted from all the yard work we did over the weekend. And I had to get up early to drive downtown for an 8:30 appointment with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (H & I are beginning the TTC talks! Hooray!!!)

    I don't have any meetings today, which is rare - and awesome - but the clear agenda coupled with my exhaustion is making me feel like I just want to go home and nap.

    Also, H stained the deck this weekend, and tonight it will be ready for us to relax on, which is also adding to my urge to go home because it's beyond gorgeous out.
  • I started making desserts for tonight's cookout for the high school team.  One of the parents has organized a cookout before the games so that we can all mingle a little.  He says "we sit together all summer and don't really know each other."  Which is absolutely true.  ::mini rant:: We don't have to be besties, but I love to chat and know a little about the people Son is around every single day.  DH reminds me that we are so much younger than all the parents (especially since he, a freshman, is playing with seniors who have already graduated) but I don't really see that as a reason to not talk to someone.

  • Monday Morning Reality is setting in...  This past week I was doing some stage training with my Mentor who I hadn't seen in quite a few years and it was a "Mountaintop" type experience that I desperately needed.  Spent some time on stage and getting feedback about routining and over some self-inflicted hurdles that were huge.  There were highs and lows while there, don't get me wrong, but the lowest-low is still light years above my normal days at home.  It's the first time in who knows how long that I went to bed late and woke up LONG before my alarm went off. That might have had to do with undisturbed sleep and being able to de-stress without the kids/husband in tow (nor my husband who "Dreams he's a revving Harley")...  My mentor said "milk the trip an extra day" - and I'm an idiot for not doing so!  It'd been good to just get my head in order because what I do is fairly intense and I absolutely LOVE being on the road.  Most of all, I'm excited to get back into the field that I had to walk away from because of dealing with family matters and was reminded what it feels like to have that passion about something in life again..  It also was a moment of surprise when leaving and chatting about "old times" with my Mentor - I realized I'm on a different level with my mentor in terms of what he thinks of me on a personal level, and that - was a "wow!" moment of there's a mutual profound respect there that - just - WOW!

  • @MesmrEwe, what kind of field are you in?  (if you don't mind sharing on here)
  • MNNEBride said:
    @MesmrEwe, what kind of field are you in?  (if you don't mind sharing on here)

    I PM the specifics - but up until I had to become a AHM because of family matters I performed for primarily the school and community events markets - this was a series of Casino shows as part of the class. 
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    The weekend was exhausting but good.  Friday night I picked up my brother, we had tacos, 6let's baseball game, then hung out on the patio. 

    Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn to celebrate my mom's 70th.  17 of us had shirts that said "Wish Joanie a Happy Birthday" and my mom wore "I'm Joanie."  She was ear to ear from the start of the day to the end.  People everywhere were calling out to her and one little boy even sang.  It was AWESOME.  Then it was back to our house for food and drinks and fun.

    Sunday we hung out with my brother, hit the pool for a few hours, grilled some steak kabobs, then took my brother to the airport.

    Today started vacation Bible school.  It was disorganized and annoying.  I'm tired.

    Oh and we had a block party in the cul de sac in front of our house last Tuesday.  The port a potty is STILL sitting out there.
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