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How early is too early?

I am getting married September 17th. We have a rsvp deadline of August 27th. I have an enormous family and a 3rd cousin of mine picked the same date as me to get married. I already had my save the dates out when she announced her date. My Mom is furious and wants to send out the invitations ASAP. I could really care less if she gets married the same day. My invitations are all sealed and ready to go. I am anxious to get them out of my house, so I was thinking of sending them out July 5th. Is that a good time? I know that it says 6-8 weeks, but if it were up to my Mom they would be in the mail today.

Re: How early is too early?

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    1) How irritating of your cousin, but since she's a 3rd cousin will it matter a lot?
    2) Stick to the normal 6-8 week window. July 5th is still too early.
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    She invited all my aunts and uncles, and a few cousins of mine. I know all the people I care about will be there. Except maybe a few cousins. Her bridal party includes a cousin I am close to. That is the only one I was a little disappointed that wasn't going to be there. But I figure when the day comes I will not even be thinking of who is there and who isn't.

    Just curious what are the negative effects of sending them out early?
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    Yeah that would frustrate me! Do you know if it was done as a pure coincidence or not? It's putting all the guests double invited in a difficult position!

    I think the main reason not to send them out early is for the fact that guests will have to keep it safe and not lose it for a longer period of time? Don't quote me on this! If you've already sent out save the dates to all of your guests then they should already have that date pencilled into their diaries as your wedding date so that should help ease the stress a little.
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    It was not a coincidence. My Mom asked her Mom and she said that they tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't budge. I am not sure if that date has some kind of special meaning or not. I would hope that is why she picked it. I don't know her very well so I don't think it was malicious. We sent a save the date to her parents, so they were well aware of it. Sounds like they feel horrible about it.

    I didn't think about people having to hold on to the invitation for longer. That is an excellent point!
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    In my group, invitations are sent 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding. Typical RSVP date is about 3 weeks before the wedding. I wouldn't think it was odd to receive an invitation in early July for a September wedding. 

    Invitations aren't sent earlier because circumstances might change. If you have to change your date or venue, for some unforeseen reason, you'll have to notify your guests. Another reason is that guests might put that invitation aside, since it doesn't require immediate action, and forget about it. 
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