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Engagement Photo Location??!? HELP PLEASE!

Hi Knot Friends,

My fiance and I are trying to schedule our engagement photo shoot with our photo company.  There are a few restrictions, has to be w/in 100 miles round trip from SF.  My preference is for something that has vines/vineyards and olive trees but I'm increasingly flexible.  Basically I just want a great location in nature that feels genuine to my fiance and myslef and meets the 100 mile limit.  Would love something in Sonoma, Sebastopol, Petaluma, West Marin, or something of the like.  That being said, not married to any of those thoughts and flexible to go South Bay or East Bay too :smile:

I've desperately tried doing some research but there aren't a ton of resources with the location suggestions that I'm looking for.  

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE any and all suggestions! 

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