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Do I bring a gift?

A close friend of mine called today to let me know that she and her FI decided to elope this week, and invited me to a small brunch at a restaurant next weekend to celebrate. Do I bring a gift (like wine/champagne)? I feel like I will be expected to pay for myself (which is fine), she described this as a small group of family and friends going to brunch to celebrate their marriage. She is still planning a "big wedding" for a later date. Any thoughts on if I should bring a gift, and if so, what should I bring? Thank you!

Re: Do I bring a gift?

  • This is an entitled bride. If she choose to elope ... she forfeits all the parties and big fancy wedding. She gets one day!

    Personally, I would only attend this dinner if you really want to and do not bring a gift. If you are invited to the fake PPD wedding, only attend if you want to see the spectacle and still do not bring a gift.

  • I agree that she sounds like an entitled bride. However, if she is a very close friend I would give her a gift if I attended brunch/PPD or not.
  • I would definitely bring a gift for a close friend.
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  • As it's your close friend, a wedding card and a gift of wine sounds perfect for this last-minute arrangement. If she does have a PPD at a later date, you figure out then if you still want to give her something off her registry.

    In my book, you get a gift for getting married. I have one budget. If I must split that budget over multiple events, then each token is respectively smaller. So, like, if I'd normally give a close friend a gift of value $200, then if I got her a $20 bottle of wine now, that's $180 left to spend when her PPD comes around. KWIM? 

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    I would give a close friend a gift, regardless of how the got married (elope vs. large ceremony/reception).

    As for what to give- up to you. Cash, gift card, pick a physical gift you think they could use in their home (towels, glasses, mixing bowls, etc).
  • Thank you all for your advice! Wine and a card sounds good to me, and I like the idea of that going towards my total wedding budget for her PPD. 
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