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me and my fiancé were both musicians he played the drum and I played the viola we've come up with a musical theme for our wedding but not a lot of decorating ideas

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  • I'm curious if there is a question? If you are looking for decorating ideas, try the DIY board if you are handy but I would also spend a few minutes on Pinterest. With a musical theme, you could have favourite song names or instruments as your table numbers, black and white décor, hire a cool band for entertainment. As long as you don't go overboard on your theme and you put your guests' comfort front and center, you should be good to go.
  • What do you envision when you see your reception hall?  Do you have a fancy ballroom, a barn, or an Elks lodge?  The way your space looks to begin with can inspire the way you decorate (ie, ballroom brings to mind huge floral centerpieces, while these may look out of place in a rustic barn).  Do you want flowers as centerpieces, or something else?  I agree that Pinterest is helpful in getting idea, as are TK's tools.  On here, you can search for ideas by color palate, if you want succulent/plant decor, lanterns, flowers, books, etc, and you'll get a ton of images.  
  • Totally agree with PPs about Pinterest.  For me personally, the goal is subtlety.  You could try using sheet music to make paper flowers, for example, or use pictures of musical instruments/you and FI playing with your table numbers.  I think a lot depends, though, on the atmosphere you want to cultivate at your reception, which in turn a bit on your time of day and venue type. 

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