Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions

Hi everyone!  I am looking for rehearsal dinner spots close to Royersford/Collegeville for our wedding at La Massaria at Bella Vista. I want to keep it close to the hotel :)
Not sure about price point but it would be for about 20-25 people.


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions

  • I'm getting married in Collegeville so we are having our dinner at Hotel Fiesole in Skippack, PA which is 10 minutes from Collegeville. We're actually doing a brunch which is reasonably priced but they have dinner packages as well and can accommodate a large party.

  • Awesome! Ill check it out! Thanks
  • I live in Collegeville and have a few suggestions if I'm not too late.  If you're looking for a laid back bar/restaurant, simple, and fun try The Trappe Tavern.  The food is great.  The Farm House at Skippack Golf Course will close their restaurant for a private party.  Lederach Tea Room sometimes does private parties in the evenings.  Phoenixville is also nearby and there are a ton of good restaurants there.  Marleys definitely does rehearsal dinners. Copperfield Restaurant in Royersford does rehearsal dinners also.  Good Luck!
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