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My fiancé is in the Marine Corps and I'm worried about getting our copy of our marriage license before moving from Texas to NC where he is stationed. We will be getting married on a Sunday then I'll be moving to NC that following Wednesday, if all goes well. How long did it take to get your copy of your marriage license? Is there any way to get it faster than usual since we need it so I can get enrolled in DEERS and get my ID?

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    Do you mean a notarized copy from the court, after it is sent in by your officiant? I believe it took about 10 days for ours to come back after our officiant mailed it in. Different states have different procedures as well; where I live, we had to fill out a form and include a check when the officiant mailed it in. Otherwise they would not have sent us a copy. There may be a way to get a rush copy, but again, that will vary by state/municipality.

    So, check with the state/county office where you got your license, and just make sure that you list your mailing address as your new, NC address. It's highly unlikely you would be able to get a copy before you move, though.
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    I'm in Canada, but when we signed our marriage license, there was a portion on the bottom that the officiant tore off that we go to keep as some proof.

    To receive official copies of our marriage certificate I had to order them and it was 8-12 weeks to receive them by mail.

    What do you need it for?

    I was able to use the portion of the marriage license for some things, but other things (like changing my name on my health card and driver's license) required an official copy of the certificate.

    I would ask your officiant though, as (s)he should have experience with at least the license in your state (i.e. do you get a portion to keep, how long does it take to register, etc).
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    Turn around time varies from area to area, but I would do like a PP suggested and make sure your mailing address is the NC address. It shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks to get you marriage certificate back. Mine was waiting for me when I got back from my honeymoon (~10 days).  You could ask about the clerk's office about expediting it, but I'm not sure what their policy will be.  Are you moving into base housing where you'll need your ID just to get home?  He should talk to his command and see if there's anything you two can do while you're waiting on it, but in all likelihood you're going to need that certificate.

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    You could try taking it to the records or county clerk office and having it stamped in person rather than having it sent in.  A pain in the ass, but you'll have the copy immediately (we did this, but check your county laws first). 
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