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The Wedding was a HIT!!

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I just thought I'd pop in to update since my "little vent" bridal shower/bachelorette fiasco.

Our wedding was such a wonderful night! It was over much too quickly, but everyone keeps telling us how beautiful the ceremony was, how gorgeous my dress was, how handsome FI looked and the food, music, venue..the list goes on!

There were a few little "bite my tongue, its a wonderful day", moments while the ladies were all getting ready in my hotel suite..... I checked, double checked, and triple checked everyone was OK with wearing robes for getting ready (full-length for those more modest) and purchased all robes except my own as it was gifted to me. All the robes were beautiful silk and different for each person, yet complementing and coordinating colors to look nice in pictures. My mom and sister show up to my suite wearing their own robes (a large bulky movie themed one for my sister in bright red and yellow, and a hotel style waffle pattern white with a slogan on the back for my mom). When asked about it they simply said "Yeah we know, we don't like them." Whatever, don't take the tags off I'll be returning them thanks.

Moving on... I made a summery light drink that was honestly 60% lemonade with the pink bubbly moscato to change the color. Everyone (including our stylists) had a small glass in celebration...except, yup you guessed it. Would not have been a big deal if my mom didn't point out that "uhm you ladies are on the job, is that really appropriate?" Thanks, mom, everyone here is an adult, not to mention, one 6oz glass of "spiked lemonade" over the course of the 6 hours they spent getting us ready is not going to get anyone a DUI. Thankfully, our stylists are ladies from the salon I use for routine primps and have amazing senses of humor :wink:

Finally: Everyone's hair is perfect, makeup is finished, time to put on the dresses and head to the venue. Everyone looks amazing, MOH is finishing the buttons on the back of my dress and my mom says "I've never seen this dress... your dress isn't what I pictured....not for someone short and...curvy..... like you." I may be a little bit of a sh*thead here...but I said "You HAVE seen this dress, I showed you a picture when I had my first fitting...that you didn't have time to come to. And I'm sorry this dress isn't a ballgown like *sister's* but I worked my ass off to look damn good in a fit-and-flair gown, and damn if it didn't zip straight up on the first try." (my sister ordered her gown 2 sizes too small, but never did anything to ensure she'd be that size and was over an hour late for her ceremony because they were trying to zip her in).

On a lighter note....
First look was awesome, hubby had tears in his eyes as soon as he turned to see me. He looked fantastic, and the breeze on the water was perfect. We got our proofs and they look amazing! Everyone looks like they were having a blast, and we keep seeing FB posts from guests who took pictures captioning what a gorgeous day/night it was! Mission accomplished!! :smile:

(sorry this is long, but thanks everyone who gave advice and encouragement through my other posts!)
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Re: The Wedding was a HIT!!

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