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Root Canal!

I have had the WORST tooth pain the past two months. First the dentist told me I needed my wisdom teeth removed and then the pain would go away... well the pain went away for a few days but then it returned again. 

My whole mouth swelled up and I was in brutal pain. They put me on antibiotics and told me that the pain would go away once the infection was gone. 

A few days later the pain returned again. I went back and saw ANOTHER dentist who said I had a bit of decay in a tooth, he told me once that was removed I would be fine. He removed it. The pain went away for a day or two but then returned. I went back to the dentist and he said he found more decay on the same tooth -- he removed it. Said that should be it. Four days later I was back in the same chair with the same pain. He said that it would okay.... well it wasn't 

I went back again today and they said I need to have a root canal then!!! 

My wedding is July 2nd... They booked me in for a root canal on June 28th, and a filling for June 30th....

Does anyone have any advice?? 

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