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  • I looked at the photos.  Is it just me or does the groom look like a really attractive butch lady?

    Edit:  Lest someone take that the wrong way, I am a queer lady who has a thing somewhat androgynous queer ladies.  My comment wasn't meant to be "eeeww, dude looks like a lezzzbian."  I meant that I would totally hit on that guy if I saw him at a gay bar and then be disappointed.
    I thought he looked like Harry Potter, all grown up.
  • This is awful. I have not finished it yet, but my favorite line by the author:

    "There are punchable paragraphs and then there’s the paragraph that just burned holes in your eyes."

    And I knew a guy in college who was prone to singing opera loudly as he walked around. I wanted to punch him in the throat.
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    God bless the blogger for ripping apart wedding announcements. The New York single girl's sports pages!

    For what it's worth, the bride's dress is gorrrrrgeous. And way too trendy to be hipster. They're frauds!
    Yeah to be fair the bride is really pretty and I like her style. Too bad they're d bags
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  • My friend sent me this and I side eye them so, so much.  And I do randomly start singing show tunes and opera, especially while baking.  And I love discussing theology.  But I try not to bug other people with either, and I'm never talking about how quirky or whatever I am.  I'm just a little weird, I own that and move on.

    Also, what priest/music director lets a couple have 15 freaking songs for a wedding Mass?!?  I guess I don't have as much Catholic cred built up as BC theology students do, but still.
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