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Honeymoon holidays...just the two of us

Hey everybody! My fiancé and I are getting married in December, and we're planning our London-Paris-Amsterdam honeymoon for 12/19-1/3. While I couldn't be more excited to adventure around wintery Europe with my new husband for two weeks, I'm a little worried about spending the holidays so far away from my family. Any suggestions on how to have a honeymoon Christmas that will be full of joy and not make us both homesick? (We'll probably be in Paris at this point). Thanks!! 

Re: Honeymoon holidays...just the two of us

  • I spent Christmas last year at the World Junior hockey champs in Helsinki. It was the first time that I wasn't with some sort of family (besides FI) over the holidays. I found it hard. We had decided to go easy on Christmas as we thought a lot wouldn't be open and we could probably use a rest day. Looking back, we should have planned a few things to do and a fancy restaurant to go to so that it wasn't so empty feeling. I think keeping busy and figuring out a way to make the holiday memorable would be key.  
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    We spent last Christmas in Hawaii.  FaceTime and phone calls connected us back to our families on Christmas morning.  And we were lucky in that there was still many things to do/open in Hawaii, along with a pool to lounge at.  You might have a harder time finding open things in Paris.  

    Plan ahead, and see what is open.  Museums may be open, etc., and you could plan things to do that way.  See if there is anything special going on to celebrate Christmas too

    ETA - Start here  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rick-steves/top-10-things-to-do-in-paris-at-christmas_b_4442849.html

  • I don't have great advice about Christmas but I spent New Years in Paris once and be prepared for NOTHING to be open during the day. Might be a good time to rent a car and take a day trip out of the city or a walking trip. By the evening more restaurants were open, but there were not many. 
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    It is entirely possible during your timeframe that a lot won't be open. I remember spending Dec 26 through Jan 3 in England once with family and it was chock full of bank holidays with stuff closed. And, I think the smaller the town, the more likely stuff will be closed. Cities may be better. Luckily the weather was alright as we ended up just wandering around the parks. 

    Find out what major stuff you want to do now and research the days those attractions are closed! 

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    I spend Christmas in England one year.  Now my parents were living there at the time and my whole family was there, so it wasn't too bad.  But between xmas eve, xmas and boxing day a lot of attractions were closed.

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