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Newly Engaged....Intro/Story

Hi I am Alana. My Fiance popped the question yesterday! I wanted to jump in and  share about us and our story...

Cory and I met on an dating app/online dating site in August of 2011. I moved in with him 80 miles away from all of my family and friends a short week later :blush:

We both say it was love at first sight and we knew very early one this was IT! 

Fast forward 4 years and my brother gets engaged and my sister as well....my brother got married on NYE 2015 and my sister's wedding is this coming Saturday....I started hinting in January I wanted my ring for my sister's wedding to show it off a bit...Unknown to me he has had the ring for 2 years, but never had the time to go speak to my dad for his blessing until recently...

So I had a suspicion for 3 weeks now when Cory called me one night from work to tell me he took this past weekend off to go see my family. This was way out of character because he took 2 weekends off close together already, one to go down there in the beginning of the month and one next weekend for my sisters wedding...Then I get to my family's town and they had all these plans in mind that just made me wonder. 

Saturday June 25th:  Cory dropped me off at my moms house at 8:30am. She proceeds to tell me she bought me some cute new outfits to choose from to wear today...I was thinking why? But I went ahead and I tried on the new clothes my mom got me and chose the cutest romper to wear... My mom then took me to pick up my MOH dress for my sister's wedding and to get my hair cut and colored then my sister met us to get our nails done...another weird thing as I didn't plan to get them done until Friday with the all my sister's bridesmaids but luckily for gel it should last... Finally around 2pm my sister dropped me back off at my dads where I was staying with Cory and acted like she left to meet her friend. Low and behold she was hiding with her video camera...Cory asked me to walk my dad's dog with him to the dock and as we did she of course pooped so he had me turn around while he tossed it and when i turned back around he was on one knee with a shell opened showing my beautiful ring, he grabbed my hands and said "You know I love you right, but I want you to know I love you more than anything in this world, Will you marry me?" He cried and I teared up stunned, and said yes! I turned around to all my family there with cameras and yelling in excitement. We have champagne and sparkling cider for me because I'm not into champagne and chatted and took pics on the dock. It was perfect! 

Looking at a May 2016 Beach Wedding! I am so excited but stressed to get planning!

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