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I'm Married!!

Soo we got married last Saturday, and it was absolutely amazing!

The only thing that we had go wrong was before the wedding started- the shuttle bus we hired to shuttle everyone from the hotel to the venue and back called an hour before they were supposed to pick up everyone and said they were broken down. They were horrible at communicating, could not give me an answer if they were gonna get it fixed or get another shuttle there, and the manager actually hung up on me... So when we still didn't have an answer if we were going to have a shuttle 45 mins before the ceremony was going to start, we started making calls and sending people back to bring people (over half of our guest list was staying at this hotel and expecting to use this shuttle, so it was a large amount of people and a bit hard to get everyone there). My mom and some of the groomsmen left to get people, and didn't get back until 5 mins before walking down the aisle. BUT everyone got there, and the shuttle ended up showing up about halfway through the reception, so people did get to ride back to the hotel and just leave their cars at the venue. So everything turned out okay in the end :)

Other than that, the night was a dream. Weather was perfect so we got to have the outdoor ceremony we wanted, the dance floor was full most of the night, and everyone has told us they had a blast! And of course I got to marry my husband, so that alone made the day perfect :)

We just got back from our honeymoon in Jamaica late Saturday night, my husband went back to work today and I'm back tomorrow... Not ready to go back to real life.

This is a sneak peak photo our photographer sent us, can't wait to get the rest of them!!


Re: I'm Married!!

  • Great picture! Glad you were able to work out transportation -- you kept a better attitude than I would have done!
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    Glad transport ended up working out in the end. That would have been stressful.

    Love the photo.
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