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Lantern Centerpieces

So, I bought lanterns to use to line the aisle for the ceremony and then to put on tables as centerpieces.  Once I received all 25 lanterns, it dawned on my that they are wood, the top is metal and there are glass panes.  I'm concerned about putting a real candle in there.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I've already considered doing the flameless LED candles.  I know my fiance would much rather have a real candle though.  

I bought them on Kirklands website and tried to go back and find some information on the site about whether or not we can use them but now the lantern is taken off the site.  See pic below of lantern.  Thanks!!

Re: Lantern Centerpieces

  • I had lanterns at my reception--most were ones my dad had collected, and were wooden with metal tops.  They were made to fit tealight candles, and were fine.  As long as no one knocks the lantern over, you'd be fine to use a live flame in the lantern pictured above.  Just double-check with your ceremony and reception sites to make sure they allow candles.
  • What a pretty lantern! This should make an elegant centerpiece.

    First and foremost - will the local fire code and/or your venue allow you to have real lit candles? This would be something I highly recommend you confirm while you still have time to make a change, if need be.

    Second, this candle looks similar to the "Rustic white and gray lantern" on Kirkland's website. It looks like they have a live chat option, so you could shoot them a quick question to confirm that their product will safely accommodate a lit candle.
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