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how much pop for mixed drinks?

I am having a hard time figuring this up

We are serving wine, beer, and then crown and coke and margaritas for our reception and that is all. we are getting everything for our bar ourselves and hired someone to serve it all. we got 9oz cups for the alcohol. How much coke will I need? we are going to have just under 200 people total to the reception. 

Re: how much pop for mixed drinks?

  • Are you offering other pop as non-alcoholic options or something else?
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    You need to offer a non caffinated, non alcoholic beverage too. I would get 1
    300 cans of coke. 150 diet and 75 sprite. It's better to over buy and take left overs home than run out. You'll have people drinking the soda without the v crown. Sour mix isn't really a drink option without the tequila.
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  • yes we have many other nonalcoholic drinks. Im asking specifically for the crown mixers
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