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Serial Update

For anyone who has listened to the podcast or Undisclosed Judge Welch ordered a new trial.

Re: Serial Update

  • lc07lc07 member
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    Wow. Amazing news. Thanks for sharing this!
  • scribe95 said:
    I listened to that and had no problem with his conviction. But most other people disagreed. I'm a bit surprised he got a new trial. 
    Have you listened to Undisclosed? It's more about the legal details and facts presented/not presented, how stories changed, how evidence was documented.

    After Serial I was on the fence but after Undisclosed I believe he had ineffective assistance of counsel and thus a new trial. I think it's interesting the judge ruled the new trial could be granted because the prosecution never turned over the fax cover sheet explaining how the cell phone records could be used and not that the defense counsel didn't contact the alibi witness. 
  • scribe95 said:
    The fax cover is a bright-line discovery violation so it makes sense to base the new trial on that. Ineffective assistance of counsel is much more subjective. 
    Yah I agree with that. I think it is really hard to prove that she was ineffective rather than she just has a bad strategy at trial or in preparation for trial. 

    Jury selection for a new trial should be interesting. Obviously not everyone listens to podcasts, but it has been covered pretty extensively in the Baltimore Sun and on the news. 
  • I feel strongly that justice is being served here.

    After listening to season 1 of Serial, I didn't have strong feelings about Adnan's innocence or guilt.  I think it is probably slightly more likely that he did it, because if he was innocent it would require a lot of unfortunate coincidences for things to wind up as they did.  However, "meh, I suppose probably" is not remotely the same things as "proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."

    I am really happy that this is getting reopened.   
  • SP29SP29 member
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    Very interesting.

    After listening to Serial I also agree that I didn't know what to think either way. There would definitely be a lot of coincidence if Adnan were innocent, but the evidence the court used to convict him was really poor and did not prove him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. I think there is a lot of information that is still missing.

    It will be interesting to see what the verdict is using a more modern trial system.

    I do feel for Hae's family though. This will clearly open a lot of wounds for them.
  • At the end of Serial I was sure Adnan was guilty. About 8-9 episodes into Undisclosed I was sure he was innocent. After 10+ episodes of Undisclosed and hours spent on the /r/serialpodcast subreddit on Reddit, I was sure neither he nor Jay were involved at all. I don't know what to think anymore. I want to know more about Mr. S., and Roy Davis, too.

    I'm listening to Serial again now, since I heard about the new trial. It will be interesting to see what is admitted into the new trial, considering how much analysis and discussion, and people digging up stuff from the records and evidence, has taken place as a result of the original podcast. 
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