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What Comforter to Choose?

I know in comparison to other topics this seems like a minute detail on a forum, but I would love insight on this since it is (possibly by far) the most expensive item on our registry. 

I have always slept with a comforter and we are getting a queen bed, so I would really love to receive a comforter. However, I'm a little torn between a few choices at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm worried that some polyester comforters may not be soft and comfy enough and be pointless due to being too hot during Texas summer heat, and we can't feel most of them in person beforehand.

There is one that is particularly special to us (it happens to match our favorite wedding invites that we couldn't have), and it is 100% cotton. However, it is $200 for just the grey comforter and two pillow shams. Alternatively, there are other, mainly polyester, comforters that range from $100 with more components than this one, to $250 that also includes sheets, which we need as well. These are not our favorite, but we're both quite fine with them - assuming they are comfortable. I'm wondering what we should do. I'm thinking maybe we should put the comforter that we like best (aside from the more expensive one) on the registry, polyester or not, and if it we receive it and it turns out that it isn't workable for us, then we exchange it for another at the store. However, I don't know if this is wrong in the eyes of a guest. 

Other options would be putting both on the registry and letting someone else decide if and how much they want to spend on a comforter - but I don't know if this would make everyone not want to buy either - and we do really want a comforter, regardless! Or just going ahead and putting the cotton favorite on. Or something else I haven't thought of.

We have a lot of items on our two registries. There is only one other item above $100 and <10 in the $50 - $100 range, so one more expensive option might be appreciated, but we have a loot in the $1 - $25 range and I don't want to look greedy or spend money unnecessarily.

If you want to weigh in specifically, here are our options!: (Also, fyi, we have two indoor cats that often sleep with us)


$250 - comes with 2 pillow shams, bed skirt, 2 pillowcases, flat & fitted sheet - 100% polyester, 100% polyester fill


$130 - comes with 2 pillow shams, bedskirt, 2 square throw pillows, 1 oblong throw pillow - 100% polyester/100% polyester fill


$100 - come with 2 pillow shams - 100% Egyptian cotton cover w/sateen weave/100% polyester fill

Our less cost-efficient "favorite"

$200 - comes with 2 pillow shams - 100% cotton/100% polyester fill

Thoughts? If this seems way too mundane, I'm sorry. I'm obsessed with finances!

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Re: What Comforter to Choose?

  • Have you considered a down comforter that you could cover with duvets? As someone who has a low tolerance for the heat, down comforters have been the only thing that have really kept me comfortable. I think I'd use my registry to upgrade to a nice down comforter (there are some really good options at BB+B), and then maybe register for some duvet covers that you would switch up with the seasons.

    This is the down comforter I have for my queen bed, and it is amazing: Real Simple Duck Down Comforter. It keeps me warmer in the winter, and stays cooler in the summer.

    I've had BB+B comforter sets in the past, and they're fine, but I find that many don't last or become dated quickly. The plus with a down comforter is you only have to replace the duvet when you want to change things up.

  • Put your favorite one on the registry. 
  • Put the one you want on the registry. People may go in together on a goft, may give you gift cards toward it then you can use the completion discount to buy it. As long as everything on the registry isn't this expensive (and from your post it sounds like this is the most expensive and not the average) I think you should register for the one you prefer. 
  • You should register for the one you like best.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Yes, you should put the one you like and want on the registry. I agree about the bed in a bag sets. They really don't hold up all that well. I too like comforters with duvets. Duvets are also much easier to wash/dry than a comforter. You seem to have a good variety of price points on your registry.
  • Register for your favorite one.  As long as you have a wide price range on your registry, it's not going to get side-eyed.  And, if you don't get it, you can use your completion discount to purchase it after the wedding.  Win-win.

  • Especially with animals, I'd go with a duvet. Easy to wash and can change out covers as you would like.

    If you are set on a comforter, go with the one you like best.

  • Again, register for the one you really like, $250 is not outrageous at all
  • Register for the one you really want.
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