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Feels like Monday..

Morning everyone! Hope everyone is recovering from the long weekend! I was feeling pretty meh until I realised today is the first day of our new summer hours and I am out of here at 3! YAY!

Friday I went shopping and got all the stuff for our party. BF and I grabbed dinner and drinks and planned out an attack to get the house/yard ready for the party. 

Saturday I cleaned like a maniac and then went to my Aunt's for a cookout. BF stayed home and worked on the yard and my gallery wall! I was so happy to come home and have it done. I might be biased but I love how it came out!

That night we ran some last minute errands and ordered a pizza. It was so nice to hang in just the two of us.

Sunday was our big party! My parents came over to help set up and I was able to snap a few pictures before everyone got there. 

We had about 75-80 people. Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect. It started at 1 and the last people to leave left right around midnight. We had plenty of beer, food, jello shots, and s'mores! BF and I both partied pretty hard and paid for it yesterday morning. 

Yesterday all three of us (Tessie included) slept in until about 10. We then took our sweet time cleaning and were finally able to just sit and relax about 1:30pm. We sat and watched TV for a while and finally got moving around 5. We were going to go see fireworks but we really didn't want to go fight traffic. It's a good thing we didn't too, because there was a malfunction at the fireworks and the barge set on fire. It was scary but no one was injured, thankfully! 

Happy four day week!!
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Re: Feels like Monday..

  • @TwoDimes Aw I love it! Next year I think we will take Callie to a parade! I can only imagine how much she would love it!
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  • @TwoDimes sounds like a great weekend! Did you get any pics of Indy and the deer? that's so crazy! What concert are you and your H going to for his birthday?
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  • @PamBeesly524 Sounds like you had a great relaxing weekend! I love that you guys had an impromptu date night! So fun.

    @TwoDimes That video of Indy was so cute!! That's great that she made a friend. Glad your H loved his gifts!

    @southernpeach89 Callie's pool is so cute! I think it's great she is getting so much exposure to the water at such a young age! I love her little 4th outfit too! So fun.
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    [Deleted User]PamBeesly524
  • @southernpeach89 ok, I kinda want that pool for myself! haha so cute, and Callie's 4th outfit was perfect. Congrats on a great time at the 10k!
  • @futuremrshistorian - You look GORGEOUS!  Seriously stunning.  Also, what season of X-Files are you on now?
  • @minskat30 - Thank you!  I'm back to my normal size after putting on a bunch of weight after I moved to Savannah, so it's nice to be feeling comfortable in my own skin again.  And I'm on Season just keeps getting better.  Season 4 was ZOMG intense.
  • @futuremrshistorian Looking great! Love those red shoes! 

    @minskat30 Sorry you are having a bit of a rough time. I hope the drs clear everything so you feel better and you guys get to take Ani somewhere. I think your weekend sounds perfect! How is Ani 1 month already???
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  • @futuremrshistorian love the outfit today!

    @minskat30 Sorry that you aren't feeling yourself - big hugs! You and H definitely deserve a little getaway, I hope you get to go somewhere fun! and I honestly cannot believe Ani is 1 month, I feel like I saw the "SHE'S HERE" post only a couple of weeks ago!
  • @futuremrshistorian and @PamBeesly524 Next time we use it, I'm definitely getting in with her! It's the coolest pool ever!

    @minskat30 Huge huge hugs! Postpartum is so hard! I had those feelings for a long time after Callie was took a while to feel like "myself" again. It's good to talk to your doctor about this though. Hopefully she can give some good advice. I think getting out of the house more and exercising definitely helped me....just getting some social interaction besides DH and Callie lol.
  • @beachyone15 - The last time I ordered from Sephora online, they had a code for the sample pack free if your order was $25+.  I just looked and it isn't still up, but maybe it will come back.

    @labro - AMEN to your texting and driving rant.  Georgia drivers are TERRIBLE about that.
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    @labro - You are tougher than me! What you described feeling after the race is how I felt after my first time trying hot yoga. Never again.
    Cute picture! :)

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  • Also I officially hate fireworks....I'm sure my opinions will change once Callie is older and can enjoy them but they kept us up until midnight and I wanted to punch everyone in our neighborhood shooting off giant sonic boom fireworks. All their shit was landing in our backyard and Callie was screaming and we can't do anything about it.
  • @labro I think that's a great time for the race! Glad you guys had a good day, but sucks about the motion sickness.

    @beachyone15 What a good idea to stay in the car in your pjs! I would have loved that too! 

    Re: the big party, we had a ton of help from our family and friends. We buy hamburgers and hotdogs, and everyone brings something. We don't ask them to, they always offer. With that, we have more than enough food for everyone. We also have a generous backyard, so everyone brings chairs and we lounge in the back. It sounds crazy, but with my big family, it's just how we do things. It's great too because I have our parents and aunts to help clean up so that isn't too bad either.
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  • @labro - You finished and that's the important part!  Great job!  I'm sorry about the motion sickness though.  In love with the puppy pictures.  Those two just about melt my heart...add Callie to the picture and I'm a goner. 

    @beachyone15 - Happy early birthday to your H!  And thank you, I think working out will do wonders.
  • Morning ladies!

    @LizzyTish love that wall! And wow, that's a lot of people. Must have been great to have though :)

    @PamBeesly524  sounds like a lovely 'staycation' with your H :)

    @TwoDimes Ooh new friend for Indy :) And aww to your nephew falling asleep on you :')

    @southernpeach89  awesome race! I don't run, so the fact you did a 10K race is amazing to me ;)
    Holy pool though!! Callie looks so tiny in it!

    @futuremrshistorian  idk what it is, but I love your bangs!!

    @minskat30 hopefully the doctor gives you some answers when you go! Could it be hormones? big hugs regardless!!

    @labro we have strict cell phone and driving laws in Canada but people still do it. They even started putting out some really intense commercials about it. I'm hoping it works!

    @beachyone15  you can do it!!

    I didn't post much Thursday because I had a crap ton of work to do - definitely more than anticipated - and shorter time to do it. Got a good chunk done.

    That night Matt had friends over to watch football. I asked one of my friends to come chill, since she was bored also. We watched '13 going on 30' and got all nostalgic about things. Lots of "remember that time ...." lol

    Friday we were off and everyone slept in! Idk if the cats tried to wake me and it just didn't work or they were super tired also. Needless to say, we all got up at 10:30am lol!

    They called for rain all day, and about 4pm - just as we headed to Matt's parent's place - it down poured. Blegh. No eating outside :( Oh well ... ribs were great. For dessert I had strawberry shortcake {home made!} with bourbon whipped cream. Matt had home made basil ice cream - not for me! His mum is a great cook ;)

    Since we were so full, and it started to storm again, we opted out of going to fireworks. Honestly, just didn't care much this year.

    Saturday Matt went with friends to look at the firearms course {he wants to go hunting - friend of his goes every year with his dad and they offered to take him}
    I went out with my mum then took a nap lol I had planned on staying home, but we ended up going out to see friends and then people came over.

    Sunday was mainly a lazy day. Went to ikea to get the anchors and talked about a few things for new place.

    Yesterday was boring. Allergies are crazy lately so it just makes me super tired. Tonight I need to get some laundry done and I may send Matt up to grab stuff from the locker.

    Holy novel .... sorry!!
  • @Swazzle Ahh the Red Wedding! What did you guys think?? That is probably the most effed up one, although a few others came close. I feel like after that season, the rest flew by so I am sure you guys will be caught up in no time!
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  • @Swazzle yay for getting to the Red Wedding on GOT! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.
  • @GoldenPenguin  yay new car! what's TDaP shots?
  • @GoldenPenguin I went in the water twice, so once was for you :) Congrats on the new car!
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