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Awkward wedding reception movie - Table 19!

Reading the thread on icebreakers reminded me of this upcoming movie ... where everyone at the table introduces themself.  January 2017 release date. I'm in.  


Re: Awkward wedding reception movie - Table 19!

  • scribe95 said:
    This is funny. Especially because at my wedding, table 19 were a bunch of jokers. They were the "last" table and went around the reception taking pictures of everyone with the table number at various spots - bathroom, bar, with the DJ, food, on the shuttle. The pics were on the little cameras we had on each table. It was hilarious.

    P.S. I cared very much about the people at table 19.
    I love fun people.  
  • SP29SP29 member
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    Lol- that looks fun! I'm interested to see how they turn a wedding into a full length movie, but I guess we'll see.
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    I'm a sucker for Anna Kendrick so count me in to that!

    Table assignments are no picnic, but too bad people can't put a little more thought into mixing and matching guests so the awkward bunch of random people is never a thing. 
    We had a small wedding, so instead of having one large table of DH's college friends and one table of never-been-acquainted people ("NBAP"), we split the college group and mixed in the others based on how we thought personalities would meld (and put the tables right next to each other). Seemed to work out alright!  As an introverted person who's been at a table only knowing my date, it helps when others at the table do know each other and are outgoing enough to have conversations we can naturally join. If there's 8-10 people at a table and nobody knows anyone other than their respective date, it's too quiet and awkward.  

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