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Appropriate guest attire?

I currently can't purchase a new dress for this upcoming summer wedding. So I'm wondering if some of the dresses I have now are appropriate. One option is a navy blue dress with white polk a dots that falls just above the knee. It goes well with pearls. Another option is a black and white print (amount of black and white are equal) which falls just below the knee. I'm wondering if the blue dress is too short and if the black and white dress has too much white in it. Are either .appropriate?

Re: Appropriate guest attire?

  • I think they both sound perfectly fine for a wedding. I usually opt for color because growing up my mom always said never wear black or white to a wedding (which is totally not a rule anyone needs to follow) and I usually wear black to non-wedding events so it gives me an excuse to wear something different. 
  • I agree, either dress sounds fine. Navy and black are very popular choices for weddings this season, especially navy. I am similar to @charlotte989875 in that I usually go with color :smile:  ...and my grandmother wore head-to-toe white and H's grandmother wore head-to-toe black to our wedding, lol.
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    Both are appropriate.

    Knee length (or there abouts) is fine- I would consider that a "cocktail dress". Navy is very in style right now and is always a good neutral. I love pearls.

    Personally, I also don't wear black to weddings, but there is nothing wrong with it. And if the dress is a print with a lot of white, I could see it looking more like a nice summer dress.
  • Yeah they both sound fine. 
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