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Hair & Make-Up Recommendations?

My lovely aunt has offered to pay for my hair & make-up for the wedding. I don't want to take advantage of her generosity by finding a pricey stylist but I know she wants me to look my best. I found a salon in my desired through a friend but the pictures on their websites are not my style. I have pictures of what I want my hair and make-up to look like and it's nothing complicated but I'm unsure if I should go with the cheapest option because sometimes you get what you pay for. All the other places I'm finding are $100s more and I don't feel comfortable with her paying that much. Should I book a trial and see how it goes or try a more expensive stylist with a more impressive portfolio? If anyone can offer recommendations for a salon that would fit my budget (I really wouldn't want it to cost more than $500 for everything) I would appreciate it greatly. And if I'm being unrealistic with the price, please let me know.

Re: Hair & Make-Up Recommendations?

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    Idk where you're from on LI, but here in Massapequa there's a Salon called Salon Rain on Merrick Rd & 107. They are incredible! My hair is long, thick, and wavy/curly, and they washed, dried, and styled my hair for my brother in laws weddingn in an hour. They charged me $30, granted I wasn't the bride, but my hair came out AMAZING and outlasted everyone in their bridal party including the bride! I HIGHLY recommend & will be using them myself!! Good Luck!

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    I had Fran from Guys & Dolls do mine, and she travelled to the house. She was, by far, the most reasonably priced I found and she did a fantastic job. Her daughter does makeup, and did airbrush for myself, my mom and my grandma, also at the house.
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    To pay $500 for hair and makeup is CRAZY!! Freelancers can charge what  they want, so just because you're paying a lot of money or a little money does not mean you're getting any better or any worse. Just some advice!

    I do makeup, and I advertise on here as well (RS Makeup Artistry). I have an entire portfolio on my website, so take a look if you'd like... I refuse to charge ridiculously high prices :)  and the hair stylists I work with are reasonable as well.

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    www.makeupbymarisa.com for makeup.  Roseanna Armador for Hair! HTH!
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