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Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest!

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Time to liven this place up and send out something yummy! I won the last contest we did ages ago thanks to my awesome Rack so it's (beyond) time for me to pay it forward.

Entries will be accepted until I get to work on Monday Tuesday.

Have fun! GO! 


1) A summer hobby/activity

2) Something hot

3) Something cold

4) Something that starts with an N, an E, or a Y

5) Selfie with something furry


ETA: To avoid confusion and so we're all on the same page, take some new (actual) pictures (ie no screenshots)! I gave almost a full week for entries so you have plenty of time over the rest of the week/end to get some good ones! @GoldenPenguin 's first set of responses are beautiful and funny but I know her second set (the ones that count!) will be even better :smile:

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